The more you learn about Dubsado, the more it can do for you!

Our webinars are the perfect place to learn how to get all set up in the system and get inspiration and ideas with how to utilize all the awesome things Dubsado has to offer.

Surcharging & Merchant Responsibilities

Thursday, May 9th · 9:30 AM PT
Hosted by: Dan, Redbridge
Q+A moderated by: Trevor, Dubsado's Customer Education Specialist

Join Dubsado and our consulting partner, Dan from Redbridge, for a webinar on surcharging and merchant responsibilities. Redbridge helped Dubsado create a compliant surcharging solution. We'll cover the history of surcharging, differences between fees, and discrepancies between state and card brand regulations. Learn how Dubsado simplifies surcharging, see a live demo, and get your questions answered in the Q&A.


Pricing with Purpose: Amplify Your Profits

Wednesday, May 15th · 9:00 PM PT
Hosted by: Taryn, Dubsado's Community and Partnerships Leader

Are you a business owner unable to take advantage of surcharging due to location, business model, or personal preference? Join Taryn, Dubsado's Community and Partnerships Leader, for an enlightening webinar designed to help you strategically price your services, account for credit card processing fees, and maintain profitability.