Forms & Templates

Customizable & Reusable Forms

Start from scratch or use our pre-made templates to create forms that look like an extension of your website.

Forms & Templates

There's a form for every phase of your client journey

Lead captures

Embed a lead capture form on your website to collect inquiries quickly and easily.


Pitch your pricing to a lead directly or sell your goods and services by embedding a proposal on your website.

Contracts & Sub-Agreements

Make it official in just minutes using our e-signature contracts & sub-agreements.


Cut out the back-and-forth by collecting all the info you need in one quick, easy form.

Make your most-used forms reusable templates

No more spending hours recreating the same forms for every client. Just plug in your client info and press send.

Signed & paid in minutes, not days

Attach a contract and invoice to your proposals so your clients can complete booking in one, quick movement.

Your brand, not ours

Your logo, your design, your personality. We're here to support you & your hard work, not take credit for it.

I’m new to Dubsado, but it’s already been such a great help to myself & my business. What I like most? How customizable everything is! From workflows to client portals, contracts to emails, and everything in between. It’s helped me come across as professional and organized while also taking some of the menial tasks away from my workload.

Forms & Templates
Veronica Fee
Copywriter, Web/Graphic Designer
Automation Overview

More efficiency, less effort

Custom triggers

Customize workflow actions to be triggered by specific conditions or at certain times.

Task reminders

Create task reminders within a workflow for you and your team to stay on track with each project.

Tags & statuses

Use workflows to tag projects and change project statuses for quick and easy organizing.


Set up recurring invoices that automatically collect payments from clients, like a subscription.

Client reminders

Send automatic reminders to notify your clients about incomplete forms or upcoming payments.

Reusable templates

Create templates for workflows, forms, proposal packages, canned emails, and more.


Track your growth

Every dollar counts. Dubsado helps you stay on top of your profits and losses.

Financial reports

Compare month to month financial history and view profit breakdown.

Chart of accounts

Organize your income and expenses into different categories.

Outstanding invoices

View all invoices that are past due with a single click.

Earnings goals

Set annual or monthly goals and track your progress along the way.

But wait, there’s more...


E-signatures make signing a contract quick and easy. Add a second signature field for you to counter-sign.

Mobile Friendly

Clients can easily access and fill out your forms on any device.

Canned emails

Save time with canned emails. Use smart fields to fill them in with your client’s info so that every email is personalized.