We are here for you.

Wherever you are on your Dubsado journey, you can always get in touch.

Here's how we can help:


Our team is here to give you a personalized walkthrough of Dubsado and answer any questions you might have about the system.

Perfect for:
  • Those without an account who want to learn more about our features.
  • Users with a trial but want to explore what Dubsado can do.
  • Brand new users who want an overall, personalized demo of the system.
  • Those coming over from another business management platform.

Customer Success

By using the chat bubble at the bottom right of this screen and in your Dubsado account, you can be connected to one of our Customer Success agents.

Perfect for:
  • Questions regarding your account.
  • Any tech trouble on your account.
  • Feature requests
Chat hours:
M - F: 4am – 12am (Pacific Time)
Sat - Sun: 9am – 5pm (Pacific Time)

You can also email us at hello@dubsado.com

Customer Success Calls

The quickest way to get in touch with us is through chat or email.

If you'd like to speak to us over the phone or via screen share, fill out the form below and you can be directed to the correct team to book a 1:1 call with!

Our 1:1 hours:
M - F: 9am – 5pm (Pacific Time)

If you need assistance right away, please chat in or shoot us an email, hello@dubsado.com

Others ways to get help

We know that starting out on a new platform can be a time-consuming process. Here are some great ways to help you get up and running quickly.

Free Form Re-creation

If you have existing forms or documents and are looking to bring them into Dubsado, you can email us up to 10 and we’ll re-create them in Dubsado for free.

Setup Services

Currently, not accepting setups. More to come on this later!

Free White Glove Migration Services

If you have data from another platform and are looking to move it over to Dubsado, look no further. We’ll transfer clients, jobs, and invoices up to 2 years back, along with any filled forms and signed contracts.


We host webinars to provide walkthroughs of specific features and overviews of the entire platform.