Project & Client Management

Stay organized, stay connected

An uncluttered business lets you focus on more important things—like building strong client relationships.

Project & Client Management

There’s a form for that

Contracts &

Make it official. Create contracts, agreements, and proofs for your clients to sign.


Cut down on the emails. Collect all the info you need for the job in one quick, easy form.


Sell your goods and services or create custom quotes. Embed a proposal to sell right from your website.

Lead captures

Embed a lead capture form on your website to get new clients quickly and easily.

Easy lead capturing

Don’t let another lead slip away. Embed a lead capture form on your website to quickly bring in new clients. With the Premier plan, you can even kick off automated workflows to ensure your clients are taken care of right away.

Everything in one place...

Once you’ve brought a new client into Dubsado, the real magic happens in the project. It’s a central hub for anything related to a particular job. You’ll never have to waste time tracking down a rogue contract or an old conversation.

...for you and your client

A customizable portal organizes all of your client’s forms, emails, and invoices in one place. Embed a password-protected login page on your website for easy access.

I set myself up on Dubsado in the later half of 2020 when my business model 100% changed due to COVID. Thank god I did, as my business has EXPLODED almost overnight. I would not have been able to manage my inbound leads, proposals, contracts, and invoices without Dubsado. I on-boarded myself JUST in the knick of time to manage clients during this busy holiday season. Thank you Dubsado!

Project & Client Management
Brianne Cohen
Wine Educator, Event Planner
Automation Overview

More efficiency, less effort

Custom triggers

Customize workflow actions to be triggered by specific conditions or at certain times.

Task reminders

Create task reminders within a workflow for you and your team to stay on track with each project.

Tags & statuses

Use workflows to tag projects and change project statuses for quick and easy organizing.


Set up recurring invoices that automatically collect payments from clients, like a subscription.

Client reminders

Send automatic reminders to notify your clients about incomplete forms or upcoming payments.

Reusable templates

Create templates for workflows, forms, proposal packages, canned emails, and more.


Track your growth

Every dollar counts. Dubsado helps you stay on top of your profits and losses.

Financial reports

Compare month to month financial history and view profit breakdown.

Chart of accounts

Organize your income and expenses into different categories.

Outstanding invoices

View all invoices that are past due with a single click.

Earnings goals

Set annual or monthly goals and track your progress along the way.

But wait, there’s more...


Keep track of every conversation with organized email threads that are easy on the eyes.

Project tags & statuses

Use tags and statuses to categorize and search for projects easily. Future-you will be grateful.

Task boards

Create task boards for you and your team to stay on track, or share boards with your clients to reach goals together.

Time tracking

Keep track of your time spent on a project, or apply billable hours to an invoice.