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Desiree runs a one-woman show, but is still able to create a seamless client experience using Dubsado. Here's how.

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“I love using Dubsado to automate my business and create a thorough, thoughtful, and nurturing client experience in an efficient way. Before using Dubsado, I had a spreadsheet for my client inquiries and moved inquiries through the funnel manually. The client experience was also time consuming and somewhat cumbersome because I had to rely a lot on my brain and manual checklists. Now I use the automation, contract and proposal templates, appointment scheduler, and forms to automate so much of my business that I have more time to serve my clients in more meaningful ways and focus on my marketing. It also ensures I provide all my clients the same high-end experience because of the reminders and processes I've set up in it.”

Desiree Adams
Event Planner

How Desiree simplifies her event planning business using Dubsado

step one

What is your lead capture process?

"I have a lead-capture form for new inquiries and vendors that want to collaborate with me. I love that the lead capture forms can automatically trigger a nurturing sequence that ensures potential clients receive a quick and timely response and I don't have to do anything!"

step two

What is your onboarding process?

"Once a client signs the contract, they receive a series of emails telling them what the process will be like, what to expect, etc. They receive a few emails over a span of time that breaks down for them small questions and doesn't overwhelm them. I use a specific workflow that is customized to each type of client (full wedding planning or wedding management) so I know I'm giving them the right information."

step three

What is your client management process?

"My client management process is set up primarily in Asana for internal purposes. As a wedding planner, I have over 200 tasks that I manage with each client, but they're somewhat fluid. However, I use many forms in Dubsado to ensure I'm capturing the right information from my clients at certain points in the planning. I also use the scheduler to allow clients to quickly and easily book meetings with me. I love that it's so easy for them to book time with me and we don't waste time trying to schedule 1 call!"

step four

What is your payment process?

"I receive payments from my clients through Dubsado invoices. I use 1 invoice to track multiple payments for clients (deposit, payment 2 and payment 3, and their production fee, and a day-of management fee). I love that I can set up payment reminders to go out at certain points in our planning and that I can change the amounts easily to reflect our current scope of work. I really love that I can take myself out of the payment requesting process and it feels more like an accountant following up with my clients, rather than me hounding them to pay me."

An entire suite of business management tools for

Event Planners

Convert leads into paid customers

Bring in new clients quickly and easily. Use our automated on-boarding process to ensure that leads don't slip away.

Forms designed to save time

Customize reusable form templates for your contracts, lead capture forms, questionnaires, and proposals—all with your unique branding.

More business, less busywork

Take the repetitive work off of your plate with automated workflows, recurring payments, confirmation emails, payment reminders, and more.

Our tools, your brand

Fully customize your forms, email templates, and much more. Your clients will never see our branding on anything you send.

Stay organized, stay connected

Relationships matter. Manage your clients through projects and maintain organized communication with emails, task boards, and client portals.

Get to the point of sale

There's a proposal for every kind of business. Clients can make their selections, sign a contract, and pay an invoice, all on your website.

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"The appointment scheduling feature is one of my favorites. I use it to schedule podcast interviews, prospective client consultations, and meetings. I love that clients and podcast guests can quickly and easily find a time that works for them AND works for me in just a few minutes. I also love that I can send reminder emails about our calls and meetings without ever having to open up my email. It's such a time-saver and really helps me to be efficient and allows me to use what little time I have to move the business forward." Visit her website.

Desiree Adams
Event Planner