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Tracey has created a quick, easy, and seamless client experience. Here's how she uses Dubsado to save herself—and her clients—valuable time.


“I don't know how I survived as a business owner before Dubsado! I used to have clients print their contract, I wouldn't send proper invoices, I scheduled everything manually, I didn't send questionnaires -- you get the idea. Dubsado has given me hours back to devote to my business and personal life and for that, I'm forever grateful. Sending a contract now takes me minutes, all of my clients have proper invoices for their income taxes and I don't have to do that back and forth emailing to choose dates now. My business life is simplified and I rely on Dubsado more than I ever imagined possible. It's the reason I have been able to reach a higher level of success, book out my calendar with ease, create a better customer experience, among many other welcome additions. It's worth every penny and then some :)”

Tracey Thomas

How Tracey simplifies her photography business with Dubsado

step one

What is your lead capture process?

“My lead capture process begins with having a lead capture form embedded on my website as my contact page. It makes my life SO easy, because everything is inputted into Dubsado automatically. When my client and I decide to move forward, everything is already complete.”

step two

What is your onboarding process?

“Once we've decided to work together, I then send my clients my "Brand Identity Questionnaire" which is a form in Dubsado. This questionnaire has helped me take my client consults from one hour down to a half hour. It brings my clients up to speed, gets them thinking, and ultimately saves me time. Next, we schedule their virtual consult via a scheduler template again making my life so simple. After their consult, I send them their contract and invoice within a matter of minutes which has impressed so many clients on just how fast I am getting them their details. Next, they schedule their branding session via another scheduler template and we're set!”

step three

What is your client management process?

“Seeing all of my projects in order in the Projects tab, knowing what's coming up etc. has led to a much more seamless customer experience for my clients. Along with all of the little details like payment reminders, and having them able to access all of their forms and invoices has allowed me to increase my prices.”

step four

What is your payment process?

“I have my clients send me payment via e-transfer as I'm in Canada and it saves us all the fees. Most of my clients don't want to pay for their branding sessions via credit card, at least at this point. On my invoice, I have my payment terms and email listed with the payment schedule to avoid any questions or confusion. So far, it's been blissful :)”

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Convert leads into paid customers

Bring in new clients quickly and easily. Use our automated on-boarding process to ensure that leads don't slip away.

Forms designed to save time

Customize reusable form templates for your contracts, lead capture forms, questionnaires, and proposals—all with your unique branding.

More business, less busywork

Take the repetitive work off of your plate with automated workflows, recurring payments, confirmation emails, payment reminders, and more.

Our tools, your brand

Fully customize your forms, email templates, and much more. Your clients will never see our branding on anything you send.

Stay organized, stay connected

Relationships matter. Manage your clients through projects and maintain organized communication with emails, task boards, and client portals.

Get to the point of sale

There's a proposal for every kind of business. Clients can make their selections, sign a contract, and pay an invoice, all on your website.

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“Dubsado makes me look and feel like a professional! No imposter syndrome on the administrative side :)” Visit her website.

Tracey Thomas