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Before using Dubsado, Aimee was overwhelmed with all of the admin tasks of her business. Now, she has free time to do what she loves. Here's what her process looks like.


"Dubsado has been such an incredible addition to my business! I was finding that the administrative tasks were becoming so overwhelming that I was starting to feel like all I did was admin work! Ensuring I was sending invoices/receipts, information, scheduling appointments and keeping track of various different aspects of my business was taking substantially more time than what I'd envisioned; I just wanted to be with women and their families! Dubsado has enabled me to significantly cut back on administrative work, letting me know when there is something that needs my attention. It keeps track of payment plans and invoicing, so I don't need to prompt for payment, or worry that I've missed payments! I'm loving working with Dubsado as my sidekick!"

Aimee Sing

How Aimee simplifies her business using Dubsado.

step one

What is your lead capture process?

"I have a generalized lead capture form on my contact page and more specific lead capture forms on my doula, lactation and birth planning/debriefing pages. People can fill in some basic details about them to start off our communication process and tell me what service they are primarily interested in (this is important for beginning the specific workflow) as well as additional services they might like to pursue.
My favourite thing about this process is that as soon as a lead is captured it is put straight into Dubsado, where I can see some basic details and follow up, and that I immediately know key information that influences the service I'm able to provide without lengthy intake forms. I also love that straight after the lead capture form is filled in, it starts a specific workflow which then sends out an email with a scheduler so that we can begin to talk either over the phone or in person, and provides key information such as pricing/packages that many people will enquire about before scheduling a meeting."

step two

What is your onboarding process?

"Once we've met in person, Dubsado immediately sends an email with a project proposal for the person to book with me. The proposal includes a service agreement/contract, information about my packages with pricing, add ons as necessary (which can also be added in again later) and an intake questionnaire with all of the key information I need to know to follow up with the family in future. Once the person selects a particular package using the project proposal, and fills in the service agreement, the intake questionnaire is sent and invoicing begins, sending through an invoice with an associated payment plan.
My favourite thing about this process is that it is all automated, but also that it is personalised to the individual - I have these tasks scheduled, but also have to approve for the emails to be sent as if I'd like to add bits and pieces about our meeting, I can do that before it automatically sends."

step three

What is your client management process?

"Once the woman has booked with me, the 'client portal' opens and the woman is sent a link to sign into this area, so that she can view her forms, emails, invoices etc in there. There are a series of automated, scheduled emails that get sent out at different stages of the woman's pregnancy with different information as necessary. Sometimes these are to schedule antenatal appointments, and sometimes they are information about birth planning, different techniques she might like to try during pregnancy/labour/birth, connecting her in with local referrals for whatever she might need, indicating when to start certain techniques/supplements if she's interested etc. My favourite thing about this process, again, is that it is all automated, but that it is specific to the woman's 'due date' and means that nothing falls through the cracks along the way."

step four

What is your payment process?

"Once the woman has signed the service agreement she is sent an invoice with a pre-specified payment plan. If she wants a different payment plan, she can let me know and I adjust it accordingly. From then on, invoices are sent as scheduled along with reminders 2 days before due, on due date and then 5 days after due. All payments are scheduled to be made prior to the woman's due date, though in some instances more drawn out payment plans can be approved. Once payments are made, I get an alert from my bank account and then I jump on Dubsado and apply a payment, so that it comes off the total invoice. I know that this is able to be automated through PayPal/Stripe as well, which will be an option if I end up taking on more women and don't have the time to apply payments, but at this stage I don't need this aspect automated."

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"It saves me HOURS of time! I remember when I was considering whether to invest in Dubsado, I kept worrying about whether I would be able to afford it! When I considered that it costs less than $10 a week, and I was spending tens of hours each week on administrative tasks (and my average hourly rate is certainly more than $1/hour) it was clearly SO worth it! Because of this automation I am able to spend more time with the women and their families, doing the doula support that I love so much, rather than being locked behind a computer endlessly." Visit her website.

Aimee Sing