Easier booking, more clients.


Allow your clients to schedule individual time slots based on your availability.

Form Attachment

Connect questionnaires, proposals, and lead capture forms to a scheduler for your clients to fill out when booking an appointment.

Booking Fees

Require clients to pay a fee to secure an appointment.

Padding time

Add padding before and after appointments to give yourself time in between.

Daily Limits

Set a max number of appointments per day.

Website Embedding

Add a scheduler to your website so your clients can easily book an appointment, complete a proposal, and make a payment without ever leaving your site.

Appointment Reminders

Automatically send reminders to your clients with upcoming appointment details.


Allow clients to easily reschedule an appointment based on your next available date and time.

Minimum Scheduling Notice

Prevent last-minute bookings by setting a minimum window between the time of booking and the appointment.

Calendar Integration

Sync with your Google, iCloud, Outlook, or Office 365 calendar to prevent overbooking.

Video Conferencing Integration

Integrate with 8x8, Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom to automatically generate a video conferencing link for your scheduled appointments!