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Kourtney has drastically increased her bookings since using Dubsado to manage her team, communicate with her clients, and stay organized from start to finish. Here's how she does it.


“Monarch Events offers wedding planning packages and wedding floral design packages so we have a lot of moving parts when it comes to each client's individual needs. We use Dubsado for every single process within our company, from lead capture to the wedding day. Dubsado allows my team and I to stay organized and on the same page as we manage multiple clients and multiple packages. It gives us the freedom and ability to customize invoices, stay on track with our timelines, stay up to date with wedding day logistics and serve our clients in an organized, confident manner.”

Kourtney Pittaway
Florist & Wedding Planner

How Kourtney streamlines her floral and wedding planning business with Dubsado

step one

What is your lead capture process?

“Dubsado makes lead capture a breeze! Our clients fill out an inquiry form on our website as the first point of contact. Once we receive that inquiry form, we immediately go into dubsado and create a lead. Every single client that inquires with us receives our "Wedding Questionnaire" which we created in forms. The ability to send this form link directly to our clients has made invoice creation, communication and essentially booking our clients so streamlined. Our questionnaire includes all of the pertinent information we need regarding this specific client's wedding, i.e. wedding date, fiance's name, wedding budget, already booked vendors, color palette, etc. Anything they leave blank is an opportunity for us to help guide them. Once the questionnaire is filled out we jump on a call with that client to discuss anything that might have been left blank and at that point we discuss how to book and what makes our company unique. Since using Dubsado for lead capture we have an 80% booking rate!

step two

What is your onboarding process?

“Dubsado's onboarding process was simple. I have one other lead planner, besides myself and getting her set up took no time at all. Dubsado sent her the email to join the team and the ability to assign her to events makes the planning process so easy! I work with the clients initially to get them booked and then I hand them over to her once they're booked in order to get started on the planning process by assigning her to their event. I can check in with her progress from my log in and she has everything she needs to serve our clients with ease.”

step three

What is your client management process?

“Client management with Dubsado is one of my favorite things about using this software. The functionality of the tabs within each event are amazing! Sending that initial questionnaire to each client saves all of their information in the forms tab. This is incredible because we have the ability to go back into that form and gather information that we might need, whether it's the clients phone number, the wedding date, the number of bridesmaids etc. I also love the fact that the emails are tracked within each client's event. This makes finding past email conversations a breeze! As wedding planners we deal with a ton of logistics for multiple clients, so being able to go back in and refer to a previous email is heaven sent! The other client management function that we use the most would be the notes/phone logs tab. A lot of the time we have calls with other vendors or our clients and immediately after every call that has to do with that event, we go into the phone logs and make a quick summary of what the phone call was about. This is amazing because it creates an opportunity for my team member and I to refer back to what was said over the phone and if one of us couldn't be on the call it allows the other one to be filled in on what was discussed. It's amazing and it's saved us from so much headache and embarrassment of having to call that vendor again to ask the same questions.”

step four

What is your payment process?

“Invoicing and collecting payment couldn't be easier. We create custom invoices for our floral design clients and the fact that you can update, change, add or delete an item in the invoice with just a few clicks is really important to me. One thing that I love as a business owner is the clean, simplicity of sending an invoice over to clients. I think it's great that within the email it's a button link but when the client clicks that link it's a beautifully branded invoice with an itemized breakdown and payment schedule. The payment schedule function is amazing. We have a booking retainer that's required at the time of signing the contract so being able to include the contract and invoice link in one email is fantastic and then having that booking retainer amount separate within the payment schedule is really wonderful. Then the client just logs into their account online and voila! They are booked! Dubsado makes the booking process as easy as possible which I believe really does have something to do with our high booking rate!

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“I have to mention how great the client portal option is for my business! Not only is it so convenient but it is so professional to be able to send our clients their own portal. The portal has a password which is amazing because there are some personal pieces of information within it. Once the client logs in they can view all of our emails back and forth, make payments, open the contracts, etc! It saves us so much time because we don't have to create an email with a link every time a payment is due or the client wants to look over the invoice, etc. It's a perfectly curated "folder" that conveniently displays everything we're doing for our client. It's incredible!” Visit her website.

Kourtney Pittaway
Florist & Wedding Planner