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Our purpose is simple, we empower the world's difference makers. Interested in joining our team, learn more about our open positions below.

Open positions

Product Design

Open positions in our product design team.
Product Designer
Burbank, California
We’re looking for a Product Designer to join our Payments & Invoicing team.
90k - 115k

Software Development

Open positions in our software team.
Junior Software Developer
Burbank, California
We are seeking a motivated and ambitious Junior Developer to assist in the production and development of a number of user facing client-side features as well as assisting in the process of building internal CMS tools to create more clarity around how internal tools and processes are developed.
70k - 100k
Intermediate Software Developer
Burbank, California
As our next scheduler team developer, you’ll work closely with a cross-functional team of developers, product designers, and product managers to bring new features and updates to life.
100k - 170k
Solution Architect
Burbank, California
We are looking for an experienced engineer to manage the technical aspect of Dubsado’s vision and operations.
130k - 200k
Product Owner
Burbank, California
As our next product owner, you'll work as a critical bridge between our individual software development teams and our product team. Your role is key to bringing new features to life and you'll have a direct impact helping thousands of small business owners around the world save time and do more.
70k - 95k


Open positions in our marketing team.
Senior Director of Marketing
Burbank, California
We’re looking for someone motivated and experienced to join our team.
150k - 220k

A team that is there for one another

Hear from some of the people that work at Dubsado
"I am truly grateful to be part of a company that is paving the way for small businesses and women in tech. I can honestly say for the first time in my life that I am proud of the company I work for and the mission we work towards every day."
Director of Human Resources
"It's rare to work in an environment that truly values its employees & wants to see their growth potential maximized. I get to come into work everyday, with people I genuinely care about, and come up with exciting and creative solutions for our users."
Director of Education
“Being able to work with people that are motivated and passionate to learn, grow and produce a quality product that has a direct impact on our users’ success makes me excited, thankful and proud to be a part of the Dubsado team.”
Software Developer
"Dubsado is just as shiny on the inside as it looks from the outside! The amount of care put into employees as well as users is something I feel so thankful to be a part of. There is so much joy and collaboration on my team because of it!"
Strategic Partnerships Associate
“Dubsado’s greatest aspect are the people. They’ve brought together individuals with the most insightful minds and the brightest personalities who care about the company’s mission and each other. The culture the company has cultivated is truly unique.”
Customer Care Representative
“I love that I'm a part of work that's all about giving power, confidence, and time back to the small business owner. We get to come to work and ask, "how can we impact someone's life and business today?" It really doesn't get better than that!”
Marketing Manager

Benefits at a glance

At Dubsado, people are at the core of all that we do, so we’ve designed a comprehensive benefit plan that includes perks that foster our company values. These include medical, dental, mental health days and even onsite nanny services, plus much more!