Jan 9, 2018
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Why Dubsado Is The Best CRM For: Doulas

Updated: Aug 17

Welcome to the Dubsado Industry Series, where we highlight how Dubsado works for all the amazing industries that make up our Dubsado family! From Photographers to Lawyers; Calligraphers to Doulas, our Dubsado family is a rich collection of skills, talents, and expertise. This week, we're hearing from our Doulas!

We asked them a little about themselves, their industry and what makes Dubsado the perfect Client Management System for them! Let's meet them:


Angela: My name is Angela Horn and I’ve supported families as they welcome their new baby as their doula for the past 18 years. I’ve always been an early adopter of technology. From the start, I had a strong desire to make my business paper free. However, at the time technology hadn’t yet caught up in an effective and cost-efficient way.

Jenn: Hi, I'm Jenn. I am your hand-holding, nerve calming, hip squeezing sherpa during pregnancy birth and parenting. At 19, my first son was born, and it was only then that I realized I had no idea what I was doing. Over the next five and a half years I began researching.

Fall of 2011 brought me to my very first birth doula and childbirth educator training. Six years later, I am certified Labor Doula and Postpartum and Infant Care Doula, as well as founder and sole owner of Colorado Mountain Doulas LLC, Colorado Springs' first doula agency. I live in Fountain, CO with my best friend and husband, Adam; two of my kids, Ash & Aeden; two English mastiffs, Sako, Savage and Sparky the wonder cat.

1) How did you discover your passion for being a Doula?

Angela: Having non-judgmental support as I navigated pregnancy and birth and the adoption of my son when I was fifteen lit a fire in me that became my drive to want to support others. When I learned about the role of a doula, I knew it was exactly what I was meant to do with my life experiences. It would allow me to help others feel supported and cared for as they welcomed their own babies.

Jenn: After the birth of my second son, with the support of a doula, I knew this is what I wanted to do. The difference I felt in the care and support from my oldest son's birth, to the next was incredible. I knew then, that I wanted to support families in the same way and watch them grow. Only a few generations ago, birthing families were surrounded by friends and family who had birthed babies, and seen babies born. They all came together to support the families, care for the birthing person and the new baby, and teach them how to be parents. In today's world, where grandparents are still working full time, usually, far away from their children and grandchildren, this community has been lost. It was for me. Knowing that in some small part, I can help that family, and be there for them when they need help...it is what makes me love this career every day.

2) What are some of the most rewarding parts of your job?

Angela: The most rewarding part of my job is supporting families as they learn about their options and helping them navigate their births as they welcome their new baby. Support during this often uncomfortable and uncertain time in a family’s life is essential. Having been a teen parent who was fully supported instead of shamed by my caregivers I knew I wanted to support other families in the same way I was supported in giving birth to my son at 15.

Jenn: Seeing happy, rested parents enjoying their babies is what keeps me going. Every parent who feels supported in their choices or empowered to parent in a way that works best for their family makes the long hours and on-call life worth it.

Happy, adjusted, well-rested babies who are reaching milestones and sleeping longer at night smiling at me when I lay them down for a nap; that makes me proud to be a doula.

3) As a Doula, how has Dubsado been most impactful to your business?

Angela: Over the years I’d tried virtually all programs that were developed for doulas by doulas to help us manage contracts and clients, and sadly, they all fell short. Then, this past year I discovered Dubsado via another doula. My mind was blown. Dubsado did virtually everything I’d been using multiple programs to accomplish in terms of client management. The few things it was not yet capable of were scheduled to roll out in future updates. After using the program for just a few short weeks I jumped into a lifetime subscription. I jumped in with both feet and I haven’t regretted it for a moment.

Jenn: My work with clients is very specialized and individual. While I want to give every client customized attention, I also want to make sure that continuity is there from one client to another. Doula life means being on call 24/7, lots of time in the car, and rarely working a "normal" schedule. Dubsado allows me to immediately reach out to client inquiries no matter where I am. Workflow features and to-dos keep me on task and help me to make sure I never forget to send information to a client or forget to check in with them for important milestones. Clients love that they can access everything in one place 24/7. If someone has a question at 2 AM, not only can they call and chat, they can access their client portals and look up what we talked about at their prenatal. My clients love how easy it is to communicate with their whole team because of Dubsado.

4) Do you have any processes in Dubsado you think would be helpful for other Doulas? (This should be more detailed, ideally)

Angela: Some of the most beneficial aspects of Dubsado are the client intake process and the sending of welcome packets to prospective clients. Dubsado allows me to use workflows to automate much of this process and once the client is ready to sign I shoot over a contract for them to complete and submit. It’s effortless, time-saving and allows me to free up time in the overall process to dedicate to other areas of my business; like supporting families. I also use Dubsado to send out service proposals for custom childbirth education classes, placenta encapsulation services and after birth-mother and baby care. Dubsado allows me to manage the client intake and hiring process for every single service that my business offers new families all in one program!

Jenn: I actually have a side job helping other doulas and agencies set up their Dubsado workflows for their clients. The number one, most helpful thing I can offer is to USE IT to its fullest potential. Don't be afraid to automate. Automate more than you are comfortable with. Automation does not mean you have to lose the personalized touch. It means that you can reach clients immediately, with well prepared, informational canned emails, before your competition. Today's parents appreciate immediate access to information, don't be afraid to give them what they want. Also, USE proposals. They are truly amazing and honestly, as hard as it is to change, stop trying to use website portals, pdfs and links outside of Dubasdo. EVERYTHING you need to do (other than scheduling) for your business can be done inside of Dubsado. By fighting it, and hanging on to the old way of doing things, you're creating unnecessary work for yourself. Work smarter, not harder.

5) What would you tell people who are on the fence about hiring a Doula?

Angela: When I talk to expectant families about my services I remind them that they only have one shot at this pregnancy and birth and that we want to make sure that it’s the best experience possible.  Trauma during birth can lead to postpartum depression and other complications that may make those first weeks home with baby much more difficult to navigate.  Being able to support families through the birth and continue that support in their homes after the baby is born is an investment that is well worth the time and money. Just like Dubsado!

Jenn: Do it. Don't second guess yourself. You deserve support. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture for a reason. Make your birth and postpartum experience a priority. So many people spend years and tons of money on a one day party for their wedding, but invest little to nothing in their full first year of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Plan ahead. Save money. Spend less on gadgets and more on help and support. For every cute outfit and fancy toy you buy, you could have another hour of in-home, hands-on support for your family after your baby arrives. It's less expensive than a wedding, with long-term, lasting positive effects.

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