Jan 2, 2018
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Why Dubsado Is Self Funded And What That Means For You

Is it going to last? This magical fling that Dubsado has with success? We are so fortunate to have a community of users focused on sharing the good news of Dubsado, but some prospective users wonder whether our system will be short lived. Truthfully, I understand the concern as I myself wouldn’t want to invest the time it takes to get setup in a CRM with a company that wasn’t going to make it. As 2018 begins, we think there has never been a better time to believe in Dubsado. Here's why:

The whole reason my wife and I got into business together is that we saw a need within our community of creative friends. We saw a need to tie multiple systems together and to make running your freelance business easier, smoother, and more efficiently so you could get back to doing what you enjoy while making more money doing it.

We started this company with multiple jobs between the two of us on top of wedding photography and web design gigs on the side. The main struggle early on was that we didn’t have help. Friends and family didn’t know exactly what we were doing and I’m sure they didn’t really think it was going to work out too well for us.

After a very slow first few months, we had to sit down and ask, is this going to be worth it? We had already been in business for a few months and at this pace, it would take a century to earn back the sweat-equity we poured in for the first year of our time. We decided to push all of the chips in, and continue full steam ahead.

We began to gain some market traction and I thought things were going great! We hired our first programmer and social media manager and continue to run our business out of a shared office with our parents.

By this point, investors began appearing from the woodwork. Seeing public reviews on our Facebook they saw a lot of validation that we were creating something (from nothing) that people really loved and needed. We had immediate response of VC’s wanting to partner with us and provide some direction and funding to get to where they thought we needed to be. This is point, where I thought we had “made it”. We could take on some funding, get a big office and continue scaling the company.

Ultimately, we chose not to accept any offers. Choosing to maintain ownership of our company has been a pivotal part of who we are. Even though it would have made things much easier to get some money up front and have someone on our team who had been in these circumstances before hand to provide guidance and advice, it wasn’t worth the trade off.

We don’t provide empty answers to our customers. We provide accurate solutions. If bugs are reported we don’t let people think that we’re working on it, and instead never do anything about it. We address it. Right there on the spot. We are the Orkin to your Dubsado bugs.

When our users come back with feedback for how a new feature or tweak could improve their life, you are reaching decision makers. We do not have red-tape or any sort of bureaucratic steps to make something happen. We talk and communicate with everyone in our office the same way as we do with the members of our community.

Dubsado feels like home. It is what it is because it’s creators, founders, owners, customers, and employees pour their hearts into it. As we continue to grow into 2018, we hope that no matter what, Dubsado feels like family to you.

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