Aug 2, 2018
1 min

How to: Create Workflows

Workflows are such a huge part of your business.  Most of the time you do the same process with each client, so why not automate that process.  That is where workflow comes in.  With Dubsado workflow you can have emails, forms, and reminders all send automatically…makes life sound a little easier huh?  We thought so!

We get asked a lot, “well I am not a photographer so how can workflow apply to me?” Photographers should not be the only ones that can take advantage of such awesome-ness.  Workflow can be used for anyone in ANY industry.  For example, web designers…automate sending questionnaires or emails or if you do client gifts, remind yourself when you need to send them…AUTOMATICALLY.

Well, let’s get on with it, here is the most recent workflow webinar we did and how to build and use workflows within Dubsado!

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