Feb 12, 2018
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Employee Spotlight: Joe and Jon

Whether you’re one of our users, or on the team, you know that Dubsado is all about family. We love that you've always been able to know exactly who's on the other side of that system you use so much. That’s why there are few things more exciting than sharing new team members with you!

Today, we’re introducing two new programmers to the Dubsado family!

Like the two Brandons, Joe and Jon both come to us as graduates of the prestigious Codesmith academy in Los Angeles!  They bring top tier coding talent to Dubsado as well as a drive to empower the creative community! We asked them a little about themselves to help you get more familiar with your new Dubsado super coders!

Hey guys! Welcome to the Dubsado family! Could you tell us where you’re from originally, and where you are living now?

Joe: I was a military kid, so I've been all over! That said, I would consider Boston home.  I attended NYU in New York and afterwards, moved out to Torrence in CA and now have settled in Chinatown outside Los Angeles. Definitely miss east coast culture, but enjoying learning about LA's unique culture!

Jon:  Originally from Oceanside! Missing the ocean (obviously) and pier! I'm currently in Little Tokyo!

How long have you been coding and what is your most recent experience?

Joe: I've been coding for 3 years and joined Codesmith in 2016! Before this, I worked as a full-stack developer for a 3D body scanning company.

Jon: About 3 years as a hobby before joining Codesmith! I would go on to work at Codesmith as a "fellow", splitting time between teaching new students and developing.

Any hobbies or interests apart from being a rock star Dubsado programmer?                

Joe: Love playing and following basketball! Big Boston Celtics fan! Favorite player is Paul Pierce and moment, has to be KG shouting "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!"

(Editor's note, Celtics suck. Lakers forever)

Jon: I love playing and watching basketball and playing guitar! Favorite guitarist is Hendrix and song to play is "Hey Hey" by Clapton.

What’s your favorite GIF/Meme?



If you could do one thing, and you knew you couldn’t fail, what would it be?

Joe: *laughs* Write Perfect Code.

(I think we can all appreciate how practical this was. I think we'll be seeing some rock solid features from Joe)

But actually, I'd love to drive flawlessly! Make perfect trips, every time I drive!

Jon: Definitely be on that first voyage to Mars with Elon!

What about joining the Dubsado family are you most excited for? Anything you want to tell the community?

Joe:  I'm excited to be in a community of creatives and in a place where my interests and talents line up! I'm into photography, so being able to blend my interests in my creative outlets with my knowledge of coding is exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback as a community and helping to make things happen!

Jon: I've really enjoyed being able to meet the team and get acclimated. This seems like a great place to be a fun team to be a part of! Looking forward to getting some cool features out for you all!

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