Oct 30, 2018
2 min

Dubsado Weekly Tips: Smart Fields in Subject

Did you know you can add smart fields in the subject line of an email? Well, now you do and it is super easy to accomplish. Let's back up...

Ahh, smart fields. These bad boys can save you so much time by autofilling information you have already collected so you don't have to. There is no need to edit and write "Hi Sally" with every single email that you send Sally. Add smart fields into your canned emails and it will autofill that information for you. From client names, job dates, invoice total, and even your own custom mapped fields... you can have a smart field for everything!

Okay, now back to the subject lines. You can add a smart field in the the subject line of emails.

Step 1: Put that smart field in the body of the email

Step 2: Copy that smart field.

Step 3: Paste into the subject.

BOOM done! You can see a visual walkthrough of that here:

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