Jul 19, 2018
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4 Secrets to Gaining New Leads for Your Business

Sometimes finding quality leads is all about being in the right place at the right time. Acquiring new leads isn’t just ‘getting an email address’, but rather, think of finding leads in the terms of where they are, what they are doing, and how can you reach then in the most effective way. Don’t rest on the hope that customers and clients will keep coming back—create surefire ways to simultaneously get more leads for your business using our tried and true secrets. Once you put these into play, you will have long term lead generators for your business. (And if you’re anything like us, we love a low maintenance marketing strategy!)

Create a Free Resource

Creating a free resource is a great lead generating tool. For Two Bright Lights, our free lead-generating resources are our Wedding Shot List and our How to Get Published in a Wedding Blog Course. By creating a resource that is not only a relevant topic to our prospects, but also an educational tool, it incentivizes people to input their email in exchange for tools that will better their business. Want to take this to the next level? Run your free resource as a lead generation ad on Facebook to get in front of more potential clients by utilizing targeted audiences. Soon you’ll realize a free resource is the lead generating gift that keeps on giving.

Get Your Creative Work Published

Yes, of course we mention getting your work published as a lead gen tool—because it’s true! Take it from photographer Lena Mirisola: From having her work published via Two Bright Lights she saw a $14,000 return for her business. Think about it: the more research you do, the more strategic you can be in your submissions too, which will yield a higher rate of publication. The more opportunities for your work to be in front of an audience that your business can service, the more likely you are to get the attention of people who your business will directly help, and to whom your business will matter the most. To make the research phase that much easier, we developed a Publication Matching Tool on Two Bright Lights that recommends publications that would be a perfect fit for your work. Plus, you can share these features with the couple, with the professionals that worked on it, on social media, and as an extra nudge, to get prospective customers to choose you. Want to take the next step? Think of how you can repurpose your published features as a stream of content to grow your business and generate more leads. You can create Pins on Pinterest, write a blog about your process for getting featured successfully, and share a story via Instagram behind each feature as it gets published. All of these will be supplemental content that will perpetuate the lead-generating potential.

Use Social Media as a Customer Acquisition Tool

Social media isn’t just for puppy videos (but also, puppy videos are great content), it’s for engaging with prospects in unique ways that make sense to them. Here are a few ways that you can use social media to get in front of potential customers:

  • Run social media ads using targeted audiences. When running ads on Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn, target prospects based on interests, job titles, locations, and activity that is relevant to your business. This will help you to better engage with the right people.

  • Slide in the DMs, strategically. (Think of it as the cold call of social media world.) Though it can be time consuming to find your ideal clients on social media that would be a good fit for your business, it can be well worth it to engage with customers on social in a personalized message. This is one of our favorite ways to engage with prospects and we’ve seen great return from it.

  • Offer useful content. Why content? It’s easily shareable and it’s something you can create to convey your business in a way that best represents you. Think of content as the means to organically promote your offerings, without being too literal or “salesy”. Things like free educational resources, industry insights, and specialized content make you a home base for your prospective clients, which in turn keeps people coming back for more. Similar to getting linkbacks from getting published, content creation is one of the most important factors for successful SEO.

All Roads Lead Back to Driving Site Traffic

It’s simple: driving traffic to your website is key to growing your audience. Your website is where people come learn more about a product or service and develop intrigue about how it can benefit them. Site traffic can then lead to larger email subscribers, a greater social media following, webinar attendees, and so on. Another traffic driver: Pinterest. Time and time again we hear that Pinterest helped grow small businesses and blogs' overall site traffic. Start off by creating niche specific boards around certain topics that are relevant to you and to your business. It does take time and effort to get Pinterest up and running, but it is well worth it when you see those site traffic numbers tick up. Our pro tip: Join group boards that fall into your industry and start pinning your relevant and original content to them.

Now that the secrets are unleashed, it’s time to take them and start generating those leads! It does take time and effort, but the results are well worth it. And these are just some of the many great lead generating ideas out there; be as creative and strategic as it is relevant to the people you hope to attract.

Two Bright Lights is the simplest tool to get your creative work published. We help photographers, wedding planners, vendors, and creatives alike connect with hundreds of publications with the click of a button. Want to take the next step and get your work published (...and more leads, of course!)? Use code: DUBSADO for 10% off your annual subscription. Sign up here.

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