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not paperwork

Enjoy by combining tools into one, simply-curated package.
Simplify and actually love the process of managing your clients.
Focus by creating with the freedom of knowing every client is taken care of.


It all starts with a plan.

Click the categories below to see what Dubsado can do.

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Lead Management
Keep track of leads with lead funnels.
Know when to follow up and always know what is next.

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Lead Capture Forms
Embed lead forms on your site, or share
elsewhere via link and capture leads into Dubsado.  

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Get Paid
Send invoices and get paid right online. Quick and easy.

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Allow for Tips
If it fits your business model,
allow the option for clients to tip you.

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Recurring Invoicing
Send recurring invoices week after week,
month after month, or however you'd like.

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Clients can allow for auto-deductions and Dubsado sets them up as a subscription!

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Internationally Friendly
Set up Dubsado in whatever currency in which you receive payments.

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No Extra Processing Fees
We do not take a cut on what you make.
The standard 2.9% + .30 cents / transaction applies; 0.8% for ACH.

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Payment Schedules
Set up a payment schedule / plan on an invoice and Dubsado will auto remind them when payment is due and how much. Easy for you, easy for your clients!

Contracts + More
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Legally binding contracts. Clients can sign online. Easy to use on their computers or mobile devices.


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Proposals and Quotes
Create proposals or quotes so clients can pick from your services, sign the contract, and pay the invoice—all within one form.

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Create and send questionnaires to your clients
to gather all information you need.  

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Chart of Accounts
Easily sort transactions and see how much is made in
each service that you offer.

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Profit and Loss Statements
Export profit and loss statements to send to your accountant.

Client and Project Management
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Keep Track of Bookings
Know what jobs are happening next. Everything is a click away! 

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Client Portals
With the added luxury of client portals, now your clients can stay just as organized as you. Embed a login on your site for even easier access.

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Task Boards
Use Kan-Ban Style task boards to keep you on track. Keep internal, or share with clients to work on together.

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Set it and forget it. Send emails, forms, contracts, invoices, and so much more, automatically.

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Calendar Integration
Sync Dubsado to your iCal, Google, or Outlook Calendar. This will ensure you know your schedule, whether on Dubsado or on your normal calendar.

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Send from your email address through Dubsado, with your branding at the front of everything. 


We connect with your favorites and are always adding more! 







Any Device,

  • Seamlessly manage your clients' needs from any device, mobile or desktop, no app required.

  • Compete with large companies by automating all your repetitive emails, questionnaires, and invoices.

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Your brand at the front of it all.

At Dubsado we take branding and customization very seriously.

  • Set up a custom domain so your URL is in any client facing document or portal
  • Connect your email to send from your email address
  • Customize any form to look on brand



Automate, but still have control.


Automatically send invoices, contracts, forms, and more with workflows. 

With our Workflow Overview feature, you can easily see what actions have been sent or are ready to send. Make any adjustments, all from one simple view.  


Businesses from all
over the world trust Dubsado.

Loved and used by designers, photographers, videographers, coaches, social media managers, lawyers, doulas, calligraphers, and many more . . .

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