Why Dubsado is perfect for

Interior Designers

Rebecca provides a smooth client experience in her business using Dubsado. Here's how.

Interior DesignersInterior Designers

"Dubsado has helped me streamline my client onboarding so much! Dubsado has freed me up to focus on the tasks that I do best and that move the needle in my business."

Rebecca Hay
Interior Designer

Here's how Rebecca simplifies her interior design business using Dubsado

step one

What is your lead capture process?

"We have a form on our website that new leads fill out and it auto-populates to Dubsado and begins our onboarding process. The best part is that NO one slips through the cracks!"

step two

What is your onboarding process?

"We receive the completed form in Dubsado and- then we email them back with a Branded PDF document that outlines our services and pricing structure. After that, we follow up to set up a 15-minute Discovery call. Once the call is booked I type my call notes in the call log area and task my admin to follow up and schedule a consultation. We offer them dates through Dubsado & Calendly to book a consult with us. Once it's booked they receive an email with the invoice, thanking them and preparing them for their time with me."

step three

What is your client management process?

"We move clients through a 15 step process (we just recently narrowed it down to 7 steps) we move them along as they go through the project so that we always ensure they get documents at the correct stage."

step four

What is your payment process?

"We use stripe or e transfer and simply add those links in the email."

An entire suite of business management tools for

Interior Designers

Convert leads into paid customers

Bring in new clients quickly and easily. Use our automated on-boarding process to ensure that leads don't slip away.

Forms designed to save time

Customize reusable form templates for your contracts, lead capture forms, questionnaires, and proposals—all with your unique branding.

More business, less busywork

Take the repetitive work off of your plate with automated workflows, recurring payments, confirmation emails, payment reminders, and more.

Our tools, your brand

Fully customize your forms, email templates, and much more. Your clients will never see our branding on anything you send.

Stay organized, stay connected

Relationships matter. Manage your clients through projects and maintain organized communication with emails, task boards, and client portals.

Get to the point of sale

There's a proposal for every kind of business. Clients can make their selections, sign a contract, and pay an invoice, all on your website.

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"Another feature the team and I love is the client portal. We can keep all our floorplans, presentation documents and any other information in one place for them to access. We love having the "button" to link to these documents in an email. It's so much more professional looking than simply attached a PDF ourselves. Our clients are always impressed that we have a portal they can access at any point during the project." View her website.

Rebecca Hay
Interior Designer