Sep 25, 2018
2 min

Hey, are you feeling tired?

Drained? Feel like you can’t continue? Well I’m here to tell you that A.) it’s okay to feel that way and B.) you’re going to make it through this.

Since starting Dubsado, we’ve faced 1,000 challenges each scarier than the last. Each more exhausting and tiring than the last. But had we not stuck with it, we wouldn’t be here today. We wouldn’t have what it takes to face tomorrow’s challenge.

Here’s how to get through this. I can guarantee immediate results for even the most difficult situations.  I hereby give you the authority to feel like shit.

For the next 1 minute, close your eyes and picture everything you’re concerned with in all it’s terrifying glory. Picture every detail in that noggin’ of yours. Feel it in your bones and experience it in full. Let yourself be completely terrified.

When you’re ready, open your eyes. You feel better already.

The one thing that is scarier than our fears, is our inability to embrace the fears. It’s often use in action TV shows where the “interrogator” will conjure images in the mind of the prisoner as he tells his friend that sometimes the though of something bad is worse than the action itself.

We’re scared. I promise you that even the bravest of us experiences fear. It’s physiology at work. For the past 40,000 years man has survived as a species because of it. We don’t want to die. BUT, we can’t full live until we’re ready to dive into the depths of fear.

Whenever your dealing with “it” over the next few weeks try to remember this one simple trick. I call it “meeting my ancestors.” I dive deep down into my imagination into the darkest places sometimes and I always end up seeing something new. I see myself speaking with new people. People that are helping me, or taking care of me. And I always picture myself making it through these crazy situations and when I open my eyes everything feels good again.

I think it’s simple enough for anyone to try. I hope it helps you out! Thanks for reading!

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