The power of being self-funded.

The whole reason we got into business together is that we saw a need within our community of friends. We saw a need to tie multiple systems together and to make running your freelance business easier, smoother, and more efficiently so you could get back to doing what you enjoy while making more money doing it.

When our users come back with feedback for how a new feature or tweak could improve their life, you are reaching decision makers. We do not have red-tape or any sort of bureaucratic steps to make something happen. We talk and communicate with everyone in our office the same way as we do with the members of our community.

​Dubsado feels like home. It is what it is because it’s creators, founders, owners, customers, and employees pour their hearts into it. As we continue to grow into 2018, we hope that no matter what, Dubsado feels like family to you.

The team that makes the impossible, possible.

We started as just a husband and wife team of two. But in the past three years, we have quickly expanded to a growing team of 30. We love what we do everyday. We work together, laugh together, push ourselves further together, and most of all love being with each other. We are a family. You can see a day in the life of Dubsado on our vlogs!​

Our programmers are rockstars. Our sales team crushes it. Our customer success team is lightning. We are here for you and your business.


ceo / co-founder / head of product
Becca can always be found with a green tea in going to Starbucks 3 times a day too much?


co-founder / president
Jake watched a Youtube video called “the only video you need to see” and never stopped watching.


head of community / hr
Biz is all about the 3 C’s. Coffee, Concerts, and Cacti.


project manager / data analytics
People say the ideal man is tall, dark, and handsome. Two out of three isn’t bad!


head of account solutions
Cameron's knowledge of Dubsado is deep. So are his squats and pizza dish preference.


head of sales
Usually in a Dodger hat either raiding the pantry for fruit snacks or taking long walks through a flea market.


head of customer success
Enjoys unnecessary Target runs, occasionally works out, & is patiently awaiting a Jonas Bros reunion tour.


media manager / customer success
David enjoys sarcasm and the irrational stress that comes with having to write a succinct yet entertaining bio.


customer success
If you can't find Jonni, it's probably because he's in the middle of the woods...lost, but happy.


customer success
New to the world of improv where she and her friends have deluded each other into thinking they’re hilarious!


ui / ux designer
Caroline’s eye for design comes with one crippling weakness: the inability to ignore dark-blue-on-black outfits and text that’s 1px too small.


customer success
Lucas usually wears solid-colored t-shirts. He likes neo-noir films, cardio, and classic American novels.


head of account migration
Melissa is a chips and salsa connoisseur, but really is just about the salsa. She also loves football season and Reality TV.


vp engineering
Peter is hard to sum up in few words. Software engineer, Agile/Scrum coach, nature lover...actually, that covers most of it.


rockstar programmer
Enjoys rom coms, soft spot for huggable things, & looks forward to the day when he has to cut instead of bulk.


rockstar programmer
Brandon is still writing his and still cannot make up is mind on what he wants to eat for lunch too.


rockstar programmer
Simon is a Lakers fan that dislikes the Celtics and can be found walking around Disneyland.


rockstar programmer
Usually wandering around LA telling everyone about the awesome potential of Brandon Ingram and Bitcoin.


rockstar programmer
Joe is the lone Celtics fan in a sea of Lakers.


created the name dubsado
Enjoys long walks through Jurassic Park with his Nerf gun and face timing everyone he knows.


sales / employee on-boarding
Constantly dying her hair in her spare time, can't say no to a warm cookie, and watches The Office whenever possible


customer success
Living out my childhood kickball champion dreams. A bottle of Whiskey is a way to get in my good graces.


customer success / education
Life-long equestrian and cookie monster. Prefers helping other businesses to running her own.


sales team
Big fan of sushi, burritos, and sushi burritos. Not a big fan of falling boulders.


customer success
There are three things that come before anything else, my daughter, wife and Dodger baseball. My dog's pretty cool too.


jack of all trades manager
Currently on the hunt for the best fried chicken this world has to offer. He’ll keep you updated. He plans on traveling the world some day.


rockstar programmer
Duncan has taken up residence in our rafters and refuses to leave. He occasionally dispenses technical advice and dad jokes in the course his stream-of-consciousness rants.


customer success
To sum it up gym is life. I also have a thing for shoes:thinking_face: you can find me dancing or lip singing to every song in the office at my desk.


customer success
coming soon


customer success
coming soon