The White Glove Migration Service

Have Dubsado enter in your data from an old CRM into Dubsado...all for free.
All you need to have is a Dubsado paid plan!

Sound too good to be true?

Well don't you worry because it is the real deal.
We are here to help you get your data into Dubsado. All you need is a Dubsado paid plan.

What is included in the White Glove Migration:

Migration from one system

Jobs and contacts attached to them

Import of client data if your previous CRM allows for a mass export

Invoices and payments made on that invoice

Forms on projects will be brought over as PDF's

What is not included as part of the White Glove Migration?

Client email conversations / email communications

Bookkeeping categories or anything outside a project invoice



Canned Emails


Payment Schedules (applied and templates)


Tracked time

How long does it take?

Since this feature is still in beta we do not have an ETA from when it will be completed upon submission.  So far the longest time waited by a customer was about 4 weeks, shortest being a few hours from submission.  We will let you know when we begin working on the project and also upon completion.

So, here's what you need to do...

Fill out this form below and we will send you more information about what our migration services cover and how to get started!

We will review the application and reach out if we see you fit all the specs for migration.
Unfortunately, some accounts are not transferable. We will let you know either way!

So, here's what you need to do...

Learn about the other set up solutions Dubsado can do for you!

Dubsado offers many other areas to help you


Contracts, Questionnaires, Lead Captures, etc... We can input up to 10 templates for free for you.  You can email those templates over to us at  You can be on a trial or paid plan.


Just need to talk with someone to go over something on your account or ask questions live and screen share?  The help call is perfect for 1:1 help outside of our phone, chat and email support. Sign up here!  You can be on a trial or paid plan.


Dubsado has additional set up services that can help you get packages, workflows, additional forms, payment schedules and more all set up in your account.  Sign up here! You can be on a trial or paid plan.