Get up and running quickly

At Dubsado, we always have your back.  If you ever need help along the way our chat, phones, and email are available for you to ask away!  We wanted to allow the option to take that even further...if you need it.

The Dubsado Setup Service

Work with our team turn your client process into an automated workflow in Dubsado. Starting at $450.

What's included?
  • We'll set up one client process as an automated workflow in your Dubsado account and create the appropriate project statuses, tags, and payment schedules to go along with it.
  • Additional client processes will be quoted accordingly.
  • Building Dubsado templates for your existing forms, canned emails, and packages can be added on at our à la carte rates.
Step 1

Process Outline

Submit a breakdown of your entire client process so that we can review each step and make sure it's a good fit for the setup service before you invest. If you have more than one process, we'll provide a custom quote.

Step 2


During our 45 minute consultation, we'll go over your process in detail and ensure that it's structured the best way for Dubsado and your business.

Step 3


We'll provide you with a list of content (i.e. forms, emails, etc.) needed for your workflow. You'll have the choice of setting up these templates in your account on your own or adding on template setup as an a la carte service.

Step 4

Account Setup

Once we have all of the content from you, we'll get to work on the setup in your account. Your workflows will be hand-built and tested by the Dubsado pros!

Step 5


We'll finish up with a 1:1 follow up call to walk you through how to implement your new workflow in your business so you can bring in new clients with confidence!

The Setup Service is for you if:
  • You know exactly what you want Dubsado to do for you, but don't have the time to set up all the pieces.
  • You have a repeatable process that you use from client to client, even if you need to customize certain steps.
  • You already have a majority of your forms and email templates written, even if they aren't in Dubsado yet.
The Setup Service is not for you if:
  • You aren't yet sure of the process you want to follow with your clients and you are brand new to Dubsado. We recommend starting with a demo or an account solutions call!
  • Your client process is always changing from client to client and cannot be automated. If you are unsure, submit your process anyway and we'll let you know if it will work.
  • You will not be available to participate in the process and provide the content we request in a timely manner.

Ready to get started?

Submit the form below and you'll receive a questionnaire with instructions on submitting your process so we can prepare a quote.

**Paid setups are currently on a brief hold while we are working on something wonderful for you all!**

Questions? Shoot us an email.

á La Carte Template Services

Short on time? Send us your forms, emails, and packages and we'll take care of the busy work for you.

FREE Form Recreation

Send us up to 10 of your existing contracts, questionnaires, pricing guides, etc. and we'll re-create them in your Dubsado account for FREE!

Send in PDF or Word format to

Have more than 10 forms?

Use the form below to request an à la carte services proposal where you can submit your additional forms along with canned emails and packages!

This is great if you're coming over from another CRM or if you have your packages and emails written up outside of Dubsado.

  • 10 Forms: Free
  • Additional Forms: $15/ea
  • Canned Emails: $1/ea ($5 minimum)
  • Packages: $1/ea ($5 minimum)

Ready to get started?

Please note: If you are booking a Setup Service, you do not need to request an à La Carte order form separately.

**Paid setups are currently on a brief hold while we are working on something wonderful for you all**