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Thank you for submitting your application. Here is what is next.

✅ Step 1: Submit your application

Apply anytime throughout the year. The application includes questions about your services, business tenure, time with Dubsado, affiliate code, completed setups, and any educational resources you offer related to Dubsado.

Step 2: Create demo account

After passing the application stage, you'll get instructions on setting up a demo account. This acts as an "exam" where you simulate setting up an account for a user. You'll need to configure workflows, canned emails, schedulers, and more to display your expertise with the platform.  

Step 3: Submit demo account

After completing your demo setup, follow the provided instructions to submit it for review. You'll need a score of 90 or higher to pass. The aim isn't to trick you, but to validate your proficiency with the platform. Your demo account must be submitted within 60 days of passing step one (your application).

Step 4: Become certified

Once you pass the demo account exam, you're almost there. You'll receive a contract, code of conduct, and a final questionnaire. Complete these items, and you'll get your certified badge along with the ability to create your directory listing. Welcome to certified specialist status.

Step 5: Recertify every 18 months

To keep your certified status and perks, you'll need to recertify every 18 months. Unlike the initial exam, recertification focuses on a series of questions about platform updates over the past 18 months. It ensures you're up to date with Dubsado's changes, allowing you to serve your clients effectively.

Frequently asked questions

Get your questions answered
What if I do not pass the application process?
If you don't pass the application process, you'll need to wait 60 days before you can reapply. This "cool-off" period gives you time to address the areas where you didn't meet the criteria. Make sure you fully meet all requirements before submitting a new application.
What if I do not pass the demo "exam"?
If you don't pass the demo exam, you won't proceed to the final certification stage. A 60-day waiting period is required before you can reapply, starting again with the application process. Use this time to gain a deeper understanding of the platform and to work on the areas where you need improvement. Review the grading rubric and guidelines to better prepare for your next attempt.
Is there a fee to become a certified specialist?
We've removed the fee for our Certified Specialist Program to make it more accessible and focused on what truly matters—your expertise and contribution to the Dubsado community. By streamlining the perks and enhancing our directory, we're placing greater emphasis on practical experience. Now, the only "barrier" is your proven ability to set up or refer at least 10 successful Dubsado accounts. This shift allows us to better spotlight your skills and make the program more inclusive, while maintaining the high standard of quality our users expect.
How long is my certification good for?
Your certification is valid for 18 months. At the end of this period, you'll need to go through the recertification process to maintain your certified specialist status and continue enjoying its associated perks.
What happened to the one-click template perk?
We understand that the one-click template was a popular feature, but we've made the decision to remove it as we refocus and streamline the Certified Specialist Program. By simplifying the program, we aim to put the spotlight on the most impactful benefits and features that offer value to both specialists and the broader Dubsado community. This change allows us to concentrate our resources on enhancing the core elements of the program that best serve everyone involved. In the future, we will be making template sharing/selling accessible platform wide.
Why do we need to prove set ups or affiliate code usage?
The requirement to prove setups or affiliate code usage serves as a tangible indicator of your expertise and engagement with the Dubsado platform. It helps us ensure that certified specialists are not only familiar with our system but have a track record of successfully implementing it or encouraging its adoption. This creates a higher level of trust and credibility for you as a specialist, and it gives us confidence that we're endorsing individuals who truly understand and advocate for Dubsado.
Is certification open all year long?
Yes, certification is open year-round. You can apply at any time that suits you, allowing for flexibility in aligning the certification process with your own schedule and business needs.
Did some perks go away from previous years?
Yes, some perks have been removed as we've streamlined the Certified Specialist Program. The focus has shifted to a more curated set of benefits that provide significant value to both specialists and the Dubsado community. This allows us to concentrate on enhancing the core aspects of the program that most directly impact its overall quality and effectiveness.
What is the recertification process in 18 months going to look like?
The recertification process after 18 months will involve an exam that focuses on the changes and updates made to the Dubsado platform during that time. You'll be tested on new features and their practical use cases to ensure you're up to date and can effectively serve your clients with the latest Dubsado offerings. This keeps your certification current and maintains the program's high standard of quality.
Where can I ask further questions?
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at partnerships@dubsado.com

Still have questions?

We are here to help! Send us an email at partnerships@dubsado.com
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