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Welcome to our NEW monthly, live classes on actionable business trainings for the Dubsado Community.

We are here for you. We support you.

Dubsado is excited to bring Haley, from The Profit Planner, to share her profit planning and business strategy to us. Haley quit her job and build a half a million dollar company in just 8 months. But in doing so, how she treated her herself and her business wasn't too pretty.

Running her business was like being on a hamster wheel...She was exhausted seeing no results from all of the time that she put in. Then, those workaholic tendencies caught up to her. Horribly sick, worn down and stuck in bed for over a month she was forced to re-evaluate how she ran her business AND her life.

Haley is sharing her wisdom for scaling your business all while keeping your systems and personal health in check.

This month's topic

Creating Consistent Clients

Specifically created for the Dubsado Community and completely free.

You read that right. Haley, from the Profit Planner, is partnering up with Dubsado to bring free business trainings to you. Join our monthly jam packed webinars each month, receive content workbooks, and emailed business trainings!

Each month will cover a new topic

Here are some of the topics we will be going over in the future!


01. Convert leads to booked clients

02. Retiring your busy badge

03. Email List Explosion

04. Profitable launches

05. maximizing conversions ??

06. Referral system

07. Creating a Semi-Passive Product From Your Service

08. Adding Passive Income to Your Service Based Business

09. The 60-Day Visibility Plan

10. The 60-Day Content Plan

11. Client Management Inside Clickup

12. Message Mining for Positioning Your Service

13. Virtual Assistant 101