Feb 16, 2018
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How Dubsado Takes the Weekend

A user recently posted a comment I loved in our community:

"Honestly, I'm really glad they take weekends with their families - I think that's super healthy. Not everything is urgent. That said, when I've had an emergency, they've responded on the weekend, even though I certainly didn't expect them to."

This is super interesting because it highlights 2 contrasting ideas. The first being that we take weekends off and the second notion, that we DON'T take weekends off. How can that be possible?

The Dubsado routine

First, our employees are expected to rest over the weekend. Once we started to build a team around them, we've never put that 24/7 expectation on them. We understand the value of rest and weekends and continued to shoulder all of it. Because of that, the Dubsado team responds by crushing it M-F. We can't expect them to outwork us, can we?

Even though you might see us hanging out on the weekend, the work doesn’t ever truly stop. We are up around 4-5AM our time 7 days a week to brush through any tickets that came through in the night (we love our international users and can't wait to provide more real-time support to you! UK here we come!). Then we break and maybe work out and wait for the kids to wake up at around 6 or 7AM. At that point we get some good quality time with the boys, throwing them across the bed, wrestling them, playing trains and so much more. Occasionally we'll go on a day trip to a theme park or do something adventurous.

Regardless of what happens after our first check in the AM, or the amount of fun and dedicated time with the boys, there's always a semi-nagging voice in the back of my head.

"Tickets are building up.  Our customers need help."

We ignore that voice until about lunchtime and clear through another batch. Then we power through until the boys are asleep at night and we answer the third batch of emails. On top of the three check-ins, we are also pretty much have a real-time tap into the Facebook community, tickets and internal status pages.

We're a young company, and until we're ready to bring on some help for the weekends, it's on us and we're happy to do it.

Toss conventional wisdom out the window

You have to do what is best for you. We're motivated by our customers. It keeps our blood flowing to help someone make a connection within their account they might have missed without our real-time help. We're still able to break up our day so that we aren't missing anything there.

Is it fair to say that the days following a restful weekend have generally been more productive for you? You might want to rest on the weekends to recharge and that might be exactly what you need. On the flip side, maybe you need to wake up and knock out a few tickets before you can really focus.

Work-life balance doesn't necessarily need to be 50/50. It just needs to feel right to you.

And if getting up early to work and going to bed late 7 days a week is too much, you can pull a Becca and get massages as much as possible to stay focused!

That's one thing.

I see a personal trainer twice a week and it's my place to get burned out and think about nothing other than the exercise being thrown at me. We also believe in a good day of rest so we'll sleep in on Sundays, go to Mass, take a nice long lunch, and only work if needed.

Take on the weekend, together

Becca and I make it through tough weekends by working together as a team. Whether you choose to have a 4 hour work week or an 80, it's okay! You need to find what works. Where you find the most inner peace and the most inner growth. Lead from there and then when you make a choice based on your customer's needs you'll feel at ease with it.

Thanks for reading. Keep killing it. We love you Dubsado family!

With love,

Jake Berg

Photos by: Love Bethany Photography

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