Nov 6, 2018
2 min

Dubsado Weekly Tips: Quantity in Proposals

Dubsado's proposal process is very powerful. Hearing feedback like this really makes our day...

"I closed $18,000 worth of deals in less than 2 weeks after fully using Dubsado. I am wowing my clients with their own client portal. I've become obsessed with automation, systems and workflows! Since using Dubsado, I've been waking up with a little bit more excitement and energy, knowing that I have a tool that can help me close the cracks in my business."

In the proposal functionality within Dubsado, you can allow your clients to pick and choose the packages they would like, sign the contract, and pay the invoice all within one form. Awesome right?

Now if you want to add the option for your clients to choose a quantity of the package they are selecting you can...and this video shows you super quickly how to do so: