Jan 8, 2019
2 min

Dubsado Weekly Tips: Archiving Projects

You have a client management system to keep your organized, but it is also important to keep your projects within that system clean and organized as well. Archiving projects in Dubsado is a great way to tidy your projects page with clearing out any past projects or stale leads.

Don't ever delete! It is always good to have record of everything you have done and every client that has contacted you. Archiving is a nice way to keep that info close if you ever need it again but out of the way. When you archive a project, it filters over into the archived category of your funnels. From there, if anything ever changes, you can easily bring back with just a couple clicks.

Things to remember:

- When archiving a lead, it will remove the invoice. If you wish to not have the invoice removed. Make it a job and then archive and it will keep the invoice.
- When archiving any project, it pauses the workflow.  If you wish for the workflow to stay active, after un-archiving, activate the workflow again.
- When archiving any project, recurring invoices and payment schedules will still send out.