Feb 20, 2018
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Dubsado's Favorite Podcasts For The Creative Entrepreneur

Raise your hand if you love podcasts.

These days, I’m guessing almost everyone has their hand up. Either way, you’re in the right place!

Creative entrepreneurship has really taken off as a unique industry, thanks in large part to the communal aspect of it. More so than so many other industries, it has the opportunity to feel like we’re truly all in this together. Facebook groups, Instagram pods, blog posts and now podcasts, all contribute to that.

Podcasts have a way of taking us deeper. Into minds the brightest, most successful creatives in our community and side by side with people going through the exact same things.

We love podcasts so much, we decided to start our own, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have tons that we appreciate and learn from ourselves!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite podcasts from you, the creative entrepreneur to learn from, be challenged by and hopefully, grow with! Here are Dubsado’s favorite podcasts, for the creative entrepreneur!

Todd Henry’s Accidental Creative

As defined by the creators themselves, the definition of an Accidental Creative is as follows:

[ak-si-den-tl · kree-ey-tiv] –noun,

1. Person who structures their life so as to experience frequent creative insights (see also creative accidents), 2. A company that helps creatives do brilliant work.

They go on to clarify that there are really two inspirations behind the name that I think perfectly encapsulates what host Todd Henry does an amazing job of sharing each episode.

The first, is that is that “many people who work with their minds every day didn’t set out to be creative, yet they are required to create, invent, innovate, strategize and come up with solutions to problems on a daily basis.”

The second, and what they consider to be the most important, is that so many of our strokes of genius are the result of hard and tireless work that eventually bring us to an ah-ha moment! In reality, a lot of these moments end up being “creative accidents” yet there they are. Pushing us forward and taking us higher.

Whether it’s an interview with an amazing entrepreneur or exploration of an insightful topic, The Accidental Creative does an amazing job of bringing in guests or hosting conversations that expand our understanding of what it means to be creative and where we might, in fact, be using creativity every day.

Being Boss

The gals behind Being Boss know their stuff and it’s made them a huge hit in the creative community. So much so, that hosts Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, have been featured in Refinery 29, Forbes, INC, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur since launching in 2015.

The episodes include a mix of interviews with business experts and influencers, and what they call minisodes: Kathleen and Emily put their wealth of knowledge and experience as successful business owners themselves on full display. You’ll learn not only how to identify those passions, but more importantly, how to make money off them!

What you’ll hear from their listeners, is that the two do an amazing job not only sharing practical and unique business advice but doing so in a way that remains entirely them. Guests likewise, feel comfortable and empowered to stay genuine. The result is fantastic conversation between difficult questions and lots of fun!

Creative Pep Talk

The reviews on Creative Pep Talk’s iTunes page speak for themselves. An iTunes's choice winner, loveable host Andy J. Miller (referred to Andy Pizza) is “here to help you find your creative gift, develop it and connect it to the audience that needs it most.”

Miller has a background as a full-time freelance illustrator with a background in graphic design and has been captivating his audience for years with his quirk and knowledge.

As you can imagine, the Creative Pep talk is the place to be to get encouraged and educated on your creative journey. Andy brings his enthusiasm and wit to each episode, whether he’s ranting on a particular subject or interviewing an inspiring guest.

At its heart, Creative Pep Talk asks the question, can we make a real living off of being creative? It’s a question most of us can probably relate to, and Andy doesn’t shy away from diving headfirst into the reality and hope of our crazy creative journeys.

Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller

Donald Miller is a bestselling author known for the intimate, personal nature of his writing. It is with this approach that he desired to help others clarify their own personal and business messages. In 2015, he launched “Story Brand” to do just that.

A master of writing in a way that inspires clarity, “Story Brand” started as a marketing/consulting firm seeking to help business clarify their own messages. The success of the company paved the way for Miller to bring his expertise to the podcast world.

Interviewing some of the most recognizable names in the marketing/self help world, Miller brings his incredible wisdom and skill as a writer and storyteller to his guests. His advice has helped thousands market better, understand how to craft a narrative framework for their business and ultimately convey their vision more effectively.

In an age where storytelling in business is more important than ever, Building a Story Brand is your chance to learn from the best.

Market Beautifully

The Market Beautifully Podcast is one of Biz’s absolute favorites! Created by Haley Burkhead, she’s not only an amazing marketing stylist but one of the earliest members of our Dubsado family! We asked Biz why she loves the show:

“As a marketing and branding nerd, I love all of the info that Haley and her guests bring to the podcast. Little automation tools that I didn’t realize my calendar can do as well as fun and creative ways to boost things using social media and more.

I love how she makes it feel super casual yet informative; like I am listening in on my girlfriends talk about all of the fun business stuff that I geek out about.”

Market Beautifully keeps you current with episodes on the latest and most relevant releases, tips, tricks, systems and social media updates and anything else you can think of. Being not only aware, but educated on these topics may seem tedious, but Haley does an amazing job of presenting everything in easy to understand episodes.

These aren’t just little details: these are the things that will help separate you from the competition!  

The Strategy Hour Podcast - Think Creative Collective

Abigail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams are some of the most respected boss ladies around, for the success and influence of their co-managed community, Think Creative Collective. After a fateful meeting online, a weekend sleepover and decision to get “business married” they would go on to build a multi-six-figure business in under 12-months by helping thousands of creative entrepreneurs build a soul-fulfilling and profitable business.

The Think Creative Collective Community has grown into a place where tens of thousands of creatives, learn, collaborate and grow, so of course, they needed to take their message to the airwaves.

According to our co-founder Jake Berg, The Strategy Hour podcast is the most relevant to running a creative business and running your life at the same time. Pretty high praise among a stellar line up of podcasts.

The two drop the knowledge, actionable strategies and killer marketing tips that helped them grow their own business from weekend epiphany to six-figure powerhouse!

TED Radio Hour

What better way to get the inspiration you’re looking for, than with a TED talk? If you aren’t familiar, TED Talks are short presentations delivered on an endless variety of subjects from the world’s foremost experts. You’ll hear fascinating, astonishing and fresh approaches to discussions new and old!

The TED Radio Hour focuses on specific topics, then dives into its vast library to curate a lineup of some of the best talks ever given on that subject. Host Guy Raz is stellar and navigates the difficult task of not only hosting but weaving together bits and pieces of various TED talks with in-person commentary from himself and other guests. It’s an amazing way to hear from not just one, but many of the brightest minds around!

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