Dubsado vs. Honeybook

  1. Limited flexibility
    Honeybook has limited flexibly when it comes to other professions outside of the wedding industry.   

  2. Higher processing fees

    1. ACH processing with Dubsado is capped at $5 where Honeybook is 1.5% without restraint.

    2. Dubsado is a pass through for multiple payment providers including Square, PayPal, and Stripe. We never take a cut out of your payments.

  3. Higher price point

    1. Being a self started company, we don’t report to a board of directors or have any financial commitments to make other than the goals that we set. We are priced a good place for any fledgling or actively growing business.  

  4. More customization and branding on forms

  5. Cannot have multiple brands

  6. Transparency