You know, just makin' life easy.


Send and sign Contracts

No more email attachments, scanning or mailing. Create beautiful contracts quickly and send to clients. Clients will be able to e-sign and send back way faster than they ever could!  Using variables in your forms will allow the contract to fill in all of the details for you. Variables include event date, client names, as well as their contact info and other information about the event.

Send Invoices

Get paid fast! Send invoices through Dubsado with ease.  If your client pays via credit card it will automatically be accounted for in your dashboard! If not, don’t worry: log their payment manually and never wonder who’s paid what again.

Easy to-do lists

Keep your to-dos in one place and never forget what you have to do next.  With to-lists embedded in workflow as well, you can get automatic email reminders when you want to be reminded! 


Clients can pay your invoices even faster with a credit card or e-check option. Simply authorize our app with the payment processors we have available and all of the funds will be directed to your account (only the standard fee to the credit card processor applies, 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction or for e-check 0.8% with a max cap fee of $5). Aka, we’re not in this for the commission.  We connect to Stripe, Square and PayPal!

Manage clients

Keep track of current and past clients with ease. Store emails, phone numbers and other little notes that you would like to remember about each client. Easily see their breakdown of events, invoices, and more.


The biggest of them all. Create workflows that automate your entire process. Have a lead? Set them up in a lead workflow that sends them quotes, reminders and emails all automatically. Or after working with a client, want to send them a thank you email? No problem at all! Dubsado will send that out for you as well. Schedule your items based on certain conditions: date, client status, proximity to a date, whether a to-do or event has been completed.   Automation at its finest!

Calendar Integration

The key to having everything in one place is having all your calendars in the same place as well. Being able to sync from Dubsado to your iCal or Google Calendar will insure that you know the lowdown on your schedule whether on Dubsado or on your normal calendar.

Client portals

Now your clients can keep everything all in one place as well.  With client portals, your clients can easily access all emails, contracts, questionnaires, and invoices you send them.  They can keep their personal info up-to-date and it automatically syncs to your side as well.  Keepin’ life easy for everyone!

Send Questionnaires and forms

Need more information from your client? Send your questionnaires out to them and get your answers fast! Your clients will love being able to see all of their interaction with you in one place. Their questionnaires can be filled out and updated at later times if they need to update something (don’t worry, you’ll be updated!). Create custom questionnaire templates so that each time you go to send one to a client, it’s just the push of a button. With the use of workflows, you won’t even have to push the button and the process will be streamlined even further.

Email Templates

Even with canned responses, so much time can be spent crafting and sending emails.  Being able to automate this and have templates saved will save bushels of time. With a click of a button you can have an email sent in seconds.

LEAD Capture forms

Embed a lead capture form onto your site and when a client fills out it, they will automatically be put into Dubsado as a lead!  These are your potential clients and you don’t want to forget about that. Flagging someone as a lead reminds you to follow up with that client, send quotes or other documents to them and hopefully leads you to a booking quickly! You can also add a workflow to a lead so that this process is handled systematically.

Internationally Friendly 

We are U.S. based but we have users utilizing Dubsado's services worldwide.  It is as simple as inputting your location settings and setting up the currency you will be receiving money in and you're set.  

No Brainer Bookkeeping

Taxes should not be as hard as they seem.  With auto-applied categories to your packages and our simple, clean approach to bookkeeping, tax season is really not as daunting.  Your tax man will thank you!


Multi redundancy Backups

Before writing a single code we spent weeks studying the different server companies, database systems, and general architectures that would allow us to scale an app with little down time and maximum security.  Each of the severs are replicated 3 times. Each of their paired servers act as a fail safe. In the event that one node goes down, the child server is activated and picks up where the other failed automatically and without data loss. You're safe and secure here.  Welcome home! 

BraNding to you

All your sent documents will have your logo and name attached to them.  Nothing will have our logo or name on them.  You can even send through Dubsado from your email address!  In fact, most people will hardly be able to tell you’re using a system like this since it is so seamless. They will just wonder in awe at how organized you are.


Never go chasing clients for payments ever again.  Set up a payment schedule / plan on an invoice and Dubsado will auto remind them when payment is due and how much.  Easy for you, easy for your clients!

Mobile Friendly

Although we will be adding an app, our site is mobile friendly for both you and your clients.  Need to send a contract on the go?  No problem.  You can easily do that.  Your client can also pay an invoice or sign a contract via a mobile device with ease. #ohyeah  


TIME TRACKER (coming soon)

If you bill clients by the hour, time tracker is the PERFECT way to keep all that organized.  Just press start and begin working.  The time will run in the background.  When done, just add it to the invoice.  Send or save for later!


You ready to start?