The Forever Plan & Buyout Option

Woohoo!  Excited you are here and thinking about purchasing The Forever Plan of Dubsado.  This means you are sick of monthly fees and just want to simplify I right?  Netflix, Hulu, Domain, Hosting, blah, blah, blah... We hope this can help with that.  If you are“stuck” in another system, we will buy you out of it following the purchase of The Forever Plan.

Terms & Conditions:

  • How much is The Forever Plan? The Forever Plan is $800 - That is it. One time.  That is all you will EVER pay to Dubsado again for a standard membership.  ** Multi-Branding and Multi-User is extra.  The 2 additional brands are included.  3 or more brands is $7/month.  Multi-User add-ons for Forever Plan members is 30% off.

  • Do I get any more perks for picking this plan? Every single one of our customers is like gold to us.  We love you all...we seriously do...But you might hold a special place in our hearts.  Plus, any cool new add-ons we release in the future, you get 30% the rate ( photo galleries, additional storage, etc...)

  • What if I already have a monthly/yearly fee going on? Shoot us an email.  We will refund you what you have already paid and put you on The Forever Plan.

  • What if I get The Forever Plan and decide I don't want it?  Well we would be incredibly sad, but if that were the case, you have up to 30 days from when you first purchased to plan to change your mind.  After 30 days, we will not issue any refunds as a result of canceling or changing your mind on that plan.  No exceptions, we're sorry.

  • Can I apply a coupon code to The Forever Plan? Unfortunately, coupon codes for discounts cannot be applied with the purchase of the plan.

  • So how does the affiliate program work then since I can't get my "month free"? First of all, thank you for spreading the word.  Secondly, you will still get your "credit" for every paid customer you bring on.  We will put the equivalent of one month ($12.00) back on your card for you each time.

  • I am stuck in another program's yearly / forever plan... No worries, we got you.  If you are wanting to move on over to Dubsado, we will buy you out of your current plan (does not apply to cancelled plans).  Up to $200.  For example, say you are on a 2 year plan ($350 for 2 years) with another guy, and are a year into it and want to move over to us.  Since you have already used a year (350 divided by 2 = $175 left on the plan), you get the $175 credited to your account.  Your total will be $625 for The Dubsado Forever Plan.  If you are in another company's forever plan, we will give you the max, $200 off your account.  For either one, you will need to email us ( your proof of payment with the old guy AFTER you purchased Dubsado's plan and we will issue the appropriate amount back.

  • Can I transfer my forever plan to another user?  No account payments cannot be transferred.  

  • Do you offer payment plans for The Forever Plan? At this time we do not.  Maybe in the future, BUT the point is to not have any monthly fees right? ;)

  • How do I get my Buyout money?  After you purchase The Dubsado Forever Plan, you have 3 business days to email us proof of active subscription and invoice of the old plan.  We will then issue the appropriate amount of money back to you on the card you used.  Unfortunately, if you missed the 3 day deadline, we cannot honor the buyout. 

  • Can you buy me out of the "old guy's" plan on a monthly or yearly fee of Dubsado? No, the buyout only applies with the purchase of the $800 Forever Plan.

  • Does it matter what system I am coming from? It must be a similar client management system.  Any questions, shoot us an email.

  • Can you buy me out of the current month I am in from the "old guy"? No, we will only offer our buyout option for any active plan you are in purchased 1 year or more.

  • How long will this deal last? We will be no longer offering this plan for new users as of Sept. 20th at 10am pst.

Again, there are no refunds if you change your mind after the 30 day mark.  

By purchasing The Forever Plan means you agree to each and every one of these terms.  

Updated: Sept. 14 2017