Why Client Portals Are a Game Changer For Your Business

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We’ve all been there before: you send your client that crucial contract, or that final invoice and breathlessly await their response. One simple signature or paid invoice and the process moves along and everyone is happy. You send it and you wait, and wait, and wait, and eventually, hours turn to days, turn to weeks. Maybe your livelihood depends on this job going through; maybe it’s just another job for you in a busy schedule that demands speed.

Then, we get that response:

“I’m sorry, I never got your…”

Being a creative entrepreneur is tough and interactions like these can be the last straw for so many. We work so hard to run our businesses with class and professionalism and expect, at least in some capacity, to have that returned.  

The world isn’t perfect and neither are our clients; or us for that matter. While we can’t change people, we can change the way we work with them: enter the Dubsado client portal.

No more conveniently “lost” contracts and invoices. No more mess of files to upload or papers to keep track of. Let’s talk why client portal is essential to your business.


Your client portal will keep you organized

Like we were saying, organization is key to keeping things moving smoothly. If you’re scanning in physical contracts, then sending them with one service, receiving the with another and storing them somewhere else, the likelihood of things getting “lost” gets higher. Technology today is all about streamlining, so as more and more aspects of life get easier, people will be more prone to mistakes in when it comes to older systems.


With Dubsado’s client portal, simply activate the feature for your client, set them up with a password, then send them a login link where they can now access all forms and emails you’ve ever sent them. Not only that, the client portal will let you know if and when a client has opened any of your documents. Gone are the days of clients having an excuse not to pay you.

Didn’t get my invoice? Log in to your client portal. You never opened my contract? The portal says you did 2 days ago, before the due date. Don’t leave the success of your business to chance. Keep everything in one, organized place and get control back.


Deliver sleek presentation with client portals

We all know that today, it’s about more than having a system to keep you organized. It has to be functional and look good! Thankfully, our client portals are sleek and easily customizable to your brand!

With our client portals, you can upload your logos, a banner image, colors and keep things looking on brand. This, all while getting to enjoy the look of a brand new interface, that will leave your clients no choice but to respond to you asap!

We can’t tell you how many Dubsters message us to say that the portal blew their clients away! Take advantage of systems that will not only make your life easier but leave your clients wowed!



Give yourself a professional edge with client portals.  

As entrepreneurship and freelancing become more and more viable career paths, the market is going to get saturated. There will be so many people, offering so many services, with so many great stories, it might get overwhelming. We love empowering our community, but when it comes to making a living, you need to stand out from the rest. Every little detail counts. Don’t think your clients won't notice.

That’s why implementing a system like Dubsado’s client portal could be the thing that puts you ahead. We’ve heard countless testimonials from Dubsado users, saying their clients couldn’t believe how streamlined, professional and easy the whole process of working with them was. A huge part of that is having a CRM that has your back. Client portals take the CRM game to a whole new level and with Dubsado, you know you’ll get the best!