Who We Are

For some of us, mornings begin with the sound of tiny feet, already exploring the house at a pace hard to match if you don't have the boundless energy of a toddler. Sometimes that sound is a cry that wakes you up earlier than you had desired. For parents, whether you’ve made it to the office or opened your laptop, the day begins with work all the same. 

Sometimes, the day starts with a grueling workout and making it through your job doesn’t feel much different. For others, it’s diving into a good book or visiting to your favorite coffee shop, trying to find inspiration or creative energy for what lies ahead. It can start with questions or doubts about the path you’re on or by being thankful that you’ve been lucky enough to be on that path. If you’re not there yet, it might be questioning if you’re even allowed to dream about what you want, let alone act on those dreams. If you did, how could you support yourself? How would you make it? 

These are the mornings all of us have had at one point of another. From everyone at Dubsado: founders, team members or engineers; to each and every one of our Dubsado users, these experiences are universal. Surprisingly, that’s what makes entrepreneurship comforting when it can feel anything but: we’ve ALL been there. 

When we think about who we are and who we want to be, we don’t need to look any further than the collective experiences we share. Someone in the Dubsado community has experienced or is experiencing at this very moment, something you are facing right now. We've been the overwhelmed parent, trying to wrap our brain around running a family AND a business. We’ve been the hustler, who wakes up ready for the grind and doesn’t stop till the sun goes down. We’ve been that person, wrestling with our doubts and our fears, wondering if we’re allowed to do the things we love as other, more careful options present themselves. 

But do you know what else we all have in common? Being the strongest, most courageous, most inspirational and hardest working people out there. 

The knowledge of all these stories is what gets us up and excited about what we do, every day. It goes into each and every feature we release. It goes into listening to your feedback and input on what would make your life easier and figuring out how to bring that to life. It helps us never feel above anyone’s circumstance or background. As it often happens as companies grow to unimaginable sizes, a bit of the humanity is lost. The communication becomes muddied and people’s voices get lost in the process. The thing about family though, is that for better or worse, we’re always there for each other. We’re there to be honest and have tough conversations when we make mistakes, but we’re also there to celebrate the little victories and joys in life. That’s what makes the Dubsado family so special. 

We read all your stories. We've heard everything from how Dubsado has helped save marriages or change the lives of families for the better, to what struggles you are enduring with work, health or finances. We’ve read how features new and old solved problems you’ve been struggling with for years and we’ve also read your requests for features that WOULD solve so many of those problems. From workflow automation, time tracking, automated lead capture management and free template libraries; to form creation, bookkeeping, the integrations you want and everything in-between, everything we do is with you in mind. 

When we began to expand beyond our little team, we would tell each prospective hire that at Dubsado, we aren't just in the business of software: we are in the business of empowering others and changing lives. More than building exciting code, creating beautiful interfaces or planning engaging social media strategies, we are looking for people who are passionate about helping others and giving back. Treating everyone like family is priority number one. Everyone who has joined this team has responded to that call with resounding enthusiasm.

Family is who we want to be now and always. We want to be there to celebrate your victories big and small. We want to hear all the amazing things that come your way because of your hard work! We promise to always be there with a open ear when you’re in need or when it’s us who needs to listen! It’s what makes this community so one of a kind. 

This is who we are. We are Dubsado.