What It Truly Means to Be “Self-Made”

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What It Truly Means to Be “Self-Made”

You are, in many ways, a product of your surroundings.

All the things you’ve heard, books you’ve read, experiences you’ve had and the people you’ve met have in one way or another created the YOU that is reading this article right now. In a world that gives you a near-infinite number of options, most people just let their lives happen to them. They walk through life quasi-dazed, reacting to stimuli and finding little moments of introspection before they’re once again consumed by the momentum of their decisions.

Most people feel like very little of their life is within their control. They’ve got work deadlines, family commitments and all sorts of other things that fill up their day until they finally close their eyes for the day. When they wake up in the morning, it all begins again.

Very few of us live our lives deliberately. Very few of us do things because WE want to do them. You might have a lot of goals for your income and your relationships, but have you ever considered who you want to BE? What do you want your character to be like?

When you strip away the marketing hype and self-help jargon, what does it really mean to be a self-made man or woman? There’s a common thread running through everything that has happened in your life, whether you are aware of it or not. The common thread is YOU – your thoughts, your expectations, your motivations. Unless you’re consciously aware of and work to improve upon the very nature of your interaction with the world, you can never be truly self-made.

Know this – if you hope to achieve incredible levels of success, happiness and achievement, you must be self-made. You must be deliberate in your actions and reactions. Let’s take a look at how you can go about doing this.

1.     Know your roots, but don’t be confined by them.

Right now, you might have a mental model of “how things were” or how you’re supposed to act, as a person belonging to any community that you might be a part of. Maybe you saw a lot of domestic violence or poverty when you were growing up. Maybe a certain profession or a certain level of success was looked down upon in your society. Unbeknownst to you, you might be harboring a lot of thought processes and beliefs that originate from your roots, but are currently holding you back in life.

It’s important to know your roots. It’s important to acknowledge the land and the people you grew up around. But that’s the past. You don’t have to live your life the way people from your town or city usually live. You really don’t. Being self-made involves the objective analysis of your thoughts and beliefs. If a certain way of thinking isn’t serving you any more, let it go. You won’t be “betraying” your roots by chasing your own passion.

2.     Ridiculousness is just an opinion.

There was a time when it was “ridiculous” to imagine that women would ever have the right to vote. There was a time when it was “ridiculous” to consider that we might need more than 4 MB of RAM. Ridiculing something is a natural reaction people have to things or ideas that they don’t understand or are afraid of.

If you grew up around a bunch of daily-wage workers and doctors, those aren’t your only options in life. If you decide to have your own travel show or online business, for example, there might be people around you who think it is ridiculous. Pay no mind to this. If you’ve thought things through, go do it.

3.     Understand what’s really important.

A new phone, a new car and a new house are all great things to have, and you should cherish them. But don’t let your material possessions stop your quest for understanding what really makes you happy. If you want to earn more money, for example, ask yourself WHY you want to earn more money.

You might think “What a nonsensical question! Everyone needs to earn more money.” And you would be right, but only partially right. Understanding your motivations for your actions are as important, if not more, than the actions themselves. For example, during a quiet period of introspection, you might discover that you are fervently trying to earn more money so that you can “prove them wrong” or “shut their mouth” or impress someone other than yourself. Upon having this insight, you can then proceed to rethink your motivations for earning money to more accurately reflect things that would make your own life better.

“Self-made” isn’t just someone who’s started their own business or made their money independently. The process of literally “making yourself” goes much deeper – into the wild and murky woods of uncomfortable questions, thoughts and realizations. But it is the path you must take if you are to emerge, triumphant, renewed into the world.

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