Throwing Entrepreneurial Darts

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You ever hear someone suggest that you “throw darts at the dartboard and hope for a bullseye”? You keep throwing, without thought and hope you get the result you’re looking for. Sounds lazy, right? Is that really better than putting in hours of training, taking time to line up your shot, using solid technique and making every shot count?

We’ll, it depends. A lot of the time...most of the time, it probably is better to approach things with intentionality, strategy and practice. Still, beneath the negative connotation associated with just “shooting darts” is some real merit. In the time it might take to throw one dart, someone else may have thrown twenty. Is it possible one of those is a bullseye? Absolutely. 

There is a time and place for all kinds of approaches to problem solving. We live in an age where many of us are caught up about all the things we can’t do or what we shouldn’t do. In that head space, we lose our most valuable resource: time. Let’s talk about how we can make “throwing darts” work for us.


1. Speed over everything

This is a philosophy popularized by entrepreneurial guru Gary Vaynerchuk. To him, speed trumps everything. It’s “four billion times more important than perfection” to be exact.

Yet, the Vaynerchuk empire wasn’t built by throwing darts at the board. It was carefully and patiently built. A family wine business didn’t take him to serial entrepreneur on speed alone. Vaynerchuk clarifies saying that while your day to day tasks and execution need to be fast, your vision takes patience to build.

Now we begin to differentiate. 



He wisely comments that if you are filling your time with execution, you are decreasing time in your head. Time spent worrying about whether you’re doing things the right is time taken from actually making something happen.

What areas of your process are too sluggish right now? Is there any way your execution could be faster? Examine what systems or processes you have in place and see where you can cut, trim and streamline.


2. Increase reach

Our businesses are precious to us. We want them to have all the best: the best resources, the best results, the best presentation, the best clients and the best partners. We go through a lot of pain to filter our processes and communication.

When was the last time you fired off an Instagram message to a potential client? What about someone you want to partner with? Have you sent out 10 messages before? 5? What would happen if every day, you sent 10 messages to 10 people you don’t know?We spend so much time worrying that every single aspect of our business it the best. Sometimes the best results come from the most simple efforts. 

Most of them will probably ignore you. You might get a few polite “no thank you’s” and maybe even a not so polite one. You also, might connect with that next big client. You might align with that perfect partner. You wouldn’t know, unless you committed to just throwing darts.

Again, having a well thought out, established client process, partnership strategy or channel of communication is not a bad thing. As businesses grow, the way they organize grow with them. The best businesses are able to do this, without losing the hustle that got them there.

What are ways you can maximize how you are reaching out daily? Who are the ten people you most want to connect with and what’s stopping you from doing it? 



3. Get comfortable with being Uncomfortable

Not only are you waiting the opportunity to maximize your reach by being hesitant, you’re also limiting opportunities for you to fail.

That doesn’t sound like such a bad thing at first. Failure isn’t exactly the gold standard we're shooting for. Until you realize that failure in business is the great stepping stone to discovery.

It’s something we hear over and over again and have a difficult time internalizing. Failure is good. Failure informs, educates and expands how we think. Not every idea we’ve had at Dubsado has been perfect; that hasn’t ever stopped us from thinking up the next idea.

Failure gets you comfortable with the knowledge that you aren’t always going to hit it out of the park. When you swing and miss, you get up to bat again, armed with the knowledge of what didn’t work before. Being a little uncomfortable won't end your business. You never grow from sitting comfortably on the couch. You only grow through practice. 

That only can happen, if you’re actually taking those chances. No matter how small, you’ll never learn, from failure or success, if you aren’t throwing the darts. Eventually, you'll get comfortable throwing the darts, even if they don't hit the mark. What past mistakes or failures have taught you valuable lessons that you still utilize today? Why would it be any different in business?

No success is achieved without adversity. You can limit the negative effects of failure or fear, by getting comfortable with taking risks. The time will never be exactly right. The strategy will never be perfect. Trust in yourself and go for those things you’ve been holding off. Don’t forget, you’ve got the ultimate Client Management System on your side.