The New, Better Way to Connect to Gmail

Our awesome engineering team has been working around the clock the past week at Dubsado HQ to bring you a new and better way to connect your Gmail account. As we grow and expand, we love that we are still able to take the amazing advice and suggestions of our Dubsado family and deliver them to you! One such request has been Gmail integration and we are excited to announce that it is now live! With its release, you now have additional methods of securing your account and making running your business through Dubsado even easier! 

For a while now, we have allowed pretty much all servers to connect into Dubsado so you can send email through our system as  Gmail behaves a little differently, so with a desire to give you the quickest and secure options to choose from, we have made it so that we connect with Gmail's API.  This will provide you with unmatched security options, building upon Dubsado’s already stellar security methods. 

If you previously had your Gmail connected in Dubsado, go in and reconnect it using our new connection. To do this head to SETTINGS >> BRAND SETTINGS >> OUTGOING EMAILS.  If you are not using Gmail, then disregard all this. ;)

We are also working our way towards getting all your Dubsado email conversations sent and received within Dubsado itself!  This will be huge, no doubt, but it is not the only thing that we have planned. Stay tuned as we have lots in store for our Dubsado Family. As always, thank you for your continued trust and support!

Thank you for all your continued support.
The Dubsado Team