Huddle Recap - Instagram Chats

Huddle Recap.png

This month for The Huddle, we took a trip to a place that is very near and dear to Dubsado. We visited a restaurant called Aroma Coffee and Tea and began our Business Check-In. We dug right in to some topics that have been on our team’s mind from social media, to working on automations and just really checking in on yourself in your business. 

The topic that really took off was surrounding all things Instagram. 

It is insane how Instagram has gained such influence and continues to change. We have noticed that the Instagram Stories feature has been way more popular with our audience, over the traditional feed that people scroll through. It seems to be much more interactive and able to have a much stronger reach. That is something that here at Dubsado, we are really wanting to expand on.  

We also talked about the power of consistent posts. You always hear that the quality of posts is more important than the quantity. And while we agree that you should have quality posts, we also think you should not fall off the map for a few weeks and then wonder why your engagement is down. Have you ever noticed that there are some people you just can’t get out of your head? There are a few people and brands that I follow on social media and I talk about them ALL THE TIME. 

Did you see that she bought a new house and all of the furniture is DREAMY? 
Did you see that they are re-doing their garden and it has all the plants we love and they did it for so cheap!
Do I know a personal trainer? Well not personally, but I follow this guy and he seems so nice and all of his clients show crazy results!

Yes, social media has taken a turn to be very sales-ey BUT the people we tend to really connect with, are not pushing sales at all. They are just being themselves and you end up connecting with them on a personal level. So those people that are constantly in our head… those are the people that are always posting. Even if it is about something cute their dog did today. Because chances are, your dog did something cute and you feel the same way. They build on your emotions.

Which lead us to knowing your audience. Create an ideal client in your head and really know them. Know where they grew up, what they like to do in their free time, envision them when you are creating this content. We talk about what we post and how we know that our audience is usually reading on scrolling on a break from their kids, or a project, or whatever it may be. And what we want to give them is something either inspiring, really relatable or something to make them laugh. 

We also realized that many people do not have social media at all! We talked about the struggles of starting up a social media account and building your engagement. But also, not stressing yourself out about it. If it is something that is not for you, DO NOT try and fit yourself into the mold that others are using. We are BIG believers in doing whatever works for you and your business. 

Also, if you are ever in the LA area, Aroma is DELICIOUS!