The Creative Leap by Dubsado Podcast Launch

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of “The Creative Leap!”

The Creative Leap is a Dubsado podcast focused on the journey that is pursuing our true passions.You’ll hear how creatives, entrepreneurs, and difference makers like you, overcame their fears, found the courage and took their own "The Creative Leap.”

Every day, we ask ourselves how we can empower the creative entrepreneur. We know so many of you are trying to find the courage to leap into your creativity; some of you just did and are wondering if you really made the right decision. Whether you’re a brand new entrepreneur or asking yourself if you really can do this, we face these “leap” moments, time and time again.

What if you heard from the people who are doing this creative entrepreneurship thing, the very best? What if you heard from people who started right where you are now? People who even when they were nervous, under qualified, underprepared, anxious and lost,  chose to take that leap?

Could you be the next founder of one of the most popular creative conferences in the country? Could you launch a multi-million dollar, international nonprofit? Could you launch a luxury product changing the style game around the world? Could you become the president of one of the hottest companies around?

The best part of all these stories is that each person started right where you are now: with a choice. A choice you might be very capable of making, with the right motivation. Who knows which episode could be the spark you or someone you know needs?

You can find show notes, info and links to listen on our website. Listen to episodes on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud. Episodes are released every Monday.

We could not be more excited to share this new journey with you! We hope you’ll join us on, the Creative Leap.