January Huddle Recap - The Client Experience

The client experience. What a broad term! Last night at The Huddle, our discussion centered around what it means to deliver a meaningful client experience. As a business owner, it might seem as though the focus is just on your product or service, but have you ever considered that those things are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to delivering a strong client experience? 

What is the client experience, if it is not just what you are offering your customers?

It is literally EVERYTHING.

It’s how you interact with your customer, how you speak, your emails, your marketing, social media, packaging, the ordering or process to sign up, the delivery and follow through. LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

All of these seemingly minor details tend to get left in the dust because we creatives love and perform our crafts with excellence and expect that to speak for itself. In many ways it will, but the same goes for many other talented creatives. What will make you truly stand out from the rest?


It’s the presentation and connection you create with your clientele.

Have you ever thought that your website (that one that hasn’t been updated in years), could be deterring clients from pulling the trigger and booking with you? That while your process is getting the job done on your end, it isn’t as convenient on the client side? Personally, I’ve spent more money on a product or service because they made the process easy or because I enjoyed my experience with the people providing it! People invest in people. In experiences. In a story.


Last night we dove into all of the things that made our experiences as a CLIENT a great one. We talked through instances where we fell in love with a brand or company and why we continue to go to them for our needs. Things like connecting with a story or person directly, feeling like the experience was personalized, walking out feeling better than walking in, and being provided education about the product or service that you are investing in.

From there, we decided to dig even deeper; into the stuff that we needed to fix in our own businesses. Things like explaining what we offer more clearly so potential clients find it easier to get answers quickly. We talked about following through and going beyond the tasks we are assigned in order to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied and feel as though they are part of something more personal than just a purchase.

We would love to hear from you! What are your favorite client experiences? Better yet, do you have any areas in your own client experience that you’re looking to grow? Who knows: someone in the Dubsado family may have the answers that you are looking for!

If you are in the Los Angeles area and can make it to our Huddle meet ups, you can sign up HERE.