The Best Is Yet To Come


Dear Dubsado Viewer, Whether you have tried our software, your looking into it, or you just came across this post and you have no idea where you are, there will be plenty for you to take from this article.

All the time in our life spent worried about whether or not things are going to work out, is a waste of time. Unless we keep it under control and take the good from it.

I always thought I wanted to be a psychologist, because I wanted to help people. I wanted to help people get better. I mean I still have that desire, but I learned that psychology is at least initially more geared towards learning about the "great" psychologists of past and they didn't really teach you more about how to be a better you. So, though I changed focus immediately after Psych 101 to Film, then Literature, then Electrical Engineering, then finally Computer Science (lol, it took me a while to find my passion), I still took 2-3 very important ideas and notions from the course.

The term, "eustress," is something that stood out very clearly to me in my college Psychology 101 course. Being the type of student that normally got really good grades without really studying, or being stressed, or even really focusing all that much, I wasn't too stressed. But I did have this little thing that would happen when test day came around. My heart rate would raise, the day or two before I would have no problem focusing on the material, and I would ace it. Embracing that stress as good allowed me to succeed with much less effort.

Now you, looking into a customer relationship manager for your business and that means you've found your passion. I am happy for you! But you may have already found that there are certain aspects of running a business that turn that "good" stress into "bad" stress.

You're getting ready to leave the house and you realize that you missed a very important detail of your job. You forgot the client's address, the contract is buried in emails, and 10 or more email exchanges back and forth with the client make it really hard to find that specific piece of information you're looking for. Now, you are experiencing "distress." It's a commonly used word, as in, "that lady was distressed with what was going on." But in Psychology it is the counterpart of eustress. It's the stress that makes adrenaline pump too much, you get jittery, and you tend to freak out when things get really bad. It's good stress that you've lost your hold on.

Well that's not all that bad right? You can feel proud that you "figured it out" and you "got by" and "made it work." But then it happens again, and again, and again. And before you know it, you're ready to quit this new (business) activity that you've added to your life, since it's no longer fun at all.

The effects of distress are much worse than just feeling like crap. People around will be the first to notice you're lack in ability to focus, and sometimes being nice can even be hard when you're stressed.

When you're stressed:

You're irritable
You can't focus
You're tired
You over eat, and over drink
Your body releases cortisol telling your body to produce glucose, aka it makes you fat!
Stomach/bowel uneasiness 
Not to mention long term effects if you keep the distress up:
Diabetes, heart disease, chronic back pain, ulcers 

Scared yet? You should be. Stress can be nasty on our bodies, our relationships, and lives as a whole. Treating stress with things like yoga, prayer, mindfulness, reading, jogging, among other things is great. They help! But they should be applied to the things that canNOT be changed.


This is my go to prayer. I must say it a dozen times a day, because it has universal power in our lives. It can motivate you to get off your butt and improve your life. It can tell you that things are okay and accept that my 4 month old isn't going to be the best at sleeping through the night. Is it okay that my neighbors are throwing a rager until 3 in the morning every weekend? No? okay, then go knock on their door and change your circumstances. Because, in this prayer, it forces you to question what is stressing you, and in that questioning wisdom is found.

Now, let's get back to the title and main point of this article. Expectations. What do you expect for yourself is another of saying "what do you deserve". You deserve to be happy and relatively stress free, certainly. For me, I expect to be treated with fairness and kindness. I have no patience for being used or talked down to. In almost all cases, I enjoy turning the other cheek, silence can be the best form of resistance. And we can't really change others, only pray for them.

But we know some things that need changing desperately and you can start working on that today.

Earlier I mentioned I wanted to study Psychology to help myself and help others. I even went as far as to wonder if I wanted to become a priest (that was a fairly brief thought). Then I met my sweet wife. I knew there were things about myself that I had a hard time controlling and was in need of a life makeover. It's also about the time I picked up computer programming. I found the love of my life and my career passion all within months. I soon discovered that my desire to help others could be done with programs.

We use apps every day to simplify things in our lives. Having run a successful small business, I saw so many hardships and annoying parts of the business. I only dealt with about 30-50 clients a year, which really doesn't sound like much, but I soon realized, that relying entirely on paper/digital folders and emails, and phone calls, and note pads, and voicemails, and text messages, and this and that, gets overwhelming with even just one or more clients.

So many questions and conflicts come up that you need immediate answers to. When is that event? When am I meeting that person? How much did I charge them? How much have I collected already? I am kind of embarrassed to ask them to pay again :( Was this the client that wanted X or did they want Y?

I built a system for myself. It was simple and it did what I needed to do, for my limited use case. Dubsado, is an expansion on that first product that I made for myself. It started as a place to track what had been paid, completed, coming up, etc. But I'm happy to say, I have higher standards for our customers. It's not some html looking thing, with shortcomings. It's super quick, well laid out, fully featured, and once you get your grounding in, will save you a lot of time.

All of the above said, what am I saying, right? I mean you either read all of that, or you read my first paragraph and jumped to the end. Which is cool, but for people like me, sometimes a good story is worth reading. Dubsado isn't something that you've come across by chance. It's a product that our development team is pouring our hearts and ideas into so that it will be the missing piece in your life.

So whether you were thinking about changing systems or getting into a system for the first time but you've kind of given up looking, you've made it. Something great has come along, and it's better than you've planned for.

Let go of your expectations and let Dubsado take care of that kink in your neck by making your life that much easier.

I hope you've enjoyed this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Now back to coding! Please feel free to leave us a note below with and questions or comments.

Thank you,