Stop Letting Cynicism Ruin Your Life And Your Business


Cynicism is born out of the belief that profit and selfish motives are the only reason people ever do anything. Under the cynical umbrella, there are no selfless or purely altruistic acts.

Right away, you might begin to see how this is a potentially poisonous concept. When you believe that everyone around you is operating purely, 100% selfishly, it is difficult to form a positive worldview.

Some might say, “But you need to be cynical if you are an entrepreneur or own a business!”

The word you are looking for is SKEPTICISM, which is completely different from cynicism. Skepticism, in healthy amounts, is a great way to parse new information because it gives you the option to test the waters before you jump in.

Cynicism, on the other hand, is insidious because a cynical person becomes what they fear. By assuming everyone else is acting selfishly, you give yourself permission to act selfishly. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, and not a very good one. What’s more, you may not even be aware that you are cynical.


Avoid trust issues, instead learn to trust again.

This is the first manifestation of cynicism. Because you fundamentally believe that no one acts out of the goodness of their heart, you find it difficult to trust anyone and question all motives. As a result, you naturally keep people at a distance, which makes it impossible for them to form deep connections with you.

Walk the talk. To build trust, you have to back your words up with actions. Other people need to know that when you say something, you will do it. More importantly, YOU need to realize that you are trustworthy. When you believe in yourself, you will be a much more effective leader for your employees.


Avoid indulging in gossip and backbiting, instead build others up.

Oooh, it can be so tempting to get a slice of delicious gossip first thing in the morning.

You might be doing this unknowingly. Every smirk, sly comment, joke that you engage in gets you farther away from your ideal self. You might be gossiping because you’re new to a social situation or an office and you want to build rapport.

But think about it, what is really happening when you’re gossiping? What is happening when you and your group get together and laugh about someone’s shortcomings?

Is your life really better because you bonded with someone over someone else’s flaws? Let’s build each other up instead of beating down. #communityovercompetition


Avoid being pessimistic about the future, instead take steps to build your positive outlook.

Cynicism makes it almost impossible to be optimistic about your future and where your life or business is heading. By choosing to focus on negative things, you create a spiral of negative outcomes in your own life.

It takes real strength to maintain a positive outlook when under duress… the kind of strength that only real leaders possess. This is the strength you should cultivate within yourself.

Every single day, every moment you catch yourself cribbing about a situation, try to think of what actions you can take instead. Your confidence and enthusiasm will be infectious. Your employees and clients will see that their fearless leader is calm and relaxed in the face of this storm, and they will follow suit.