How to: Input Your Email Settings

We are SUPER excited about this new feature since it will further represent your brand.  Any email that you send through Dubsado, forms, contracts, invoices, anything...It will look like it is coming directly from your email.  Pretty sweet huh?  

Although these settings are not required.  We strongly recommend you putting them in.  Having these settings in Dubsado will allow for better email deliverability and less of a chance of having them end up in spam.

If you don't input your emails settings, that is totally fine.  Emails will show sent from Dubsado with your name and as soon as your client hits reply, it changes to your email.  

To get your email settings in is a piece of cake!  Just head over to SETTINGS, then SMTP emails.  Go ahead and configure the settings that are right for your email.  

Any questions, please let us know!