Seek Wisdom, Not Knowledge



When is the last time you read a headline for a product, article or video that seemed interested and once you read the points thought…

“Yeah, I know this stuff.”

We’ve all done it. it’s an easy mistake to make. It’s also an extremely dangerous mistake to make, especially as an entrepreneur.

Listen, if you’ve never achieved that “thing” you want, it’s probably because you’ve convinced yourself you already know how to achieve it. Raise your hand if any of the following feels familiar.

  • You download a highly-lauded book that’s supposed to help you get better at something, scan the first few paragraphs, decide the information is redundant, and never return to reading it.
  • You scan over the bullet points on a sales page and triumphantly click away because you already know what they’re saying.
  • You’re not in good shape, but you don’t read any diet information because you already know about paleo eating and ketosis.

If you knew what to do already, you would have achieved the results the information is supposed to deliver.

Oh, but that’s just because you haven’t started taking action yet!

If you know that the outcome is desirable, and you know how to get the outcome, why haven’t you taken action yet?

Thinking Differently

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

Knowing something is well and good, but by itself it amounts to naught. What starts the ball rolling, is when you execute your knowledge.

You learn something, you go and apply it. You see what happens, and come back and learn something new. Then you immediately go and try that new thing and see what happens. This is how you make your knowledge count – by turning it into experience.

Once you’ve seen how your knowledge translates into real-world results, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of the subject matter. Sure, you may know the “Top 10 Tricks For Building Traffic To Your Blog” forwards and backwards, but unless you’ve applied those tricks to your own blogs, you’ll not have gained anything of value.

Additionally, research suggests that your brain lets go of information it deems unnecessary on a regular basis. Guess what your brain thinks of all the “SEO secrets” knowledge you’ve gathered over the years if you never apply it?

Knowledge quickly fades away if it isn’t backed up by experience. So you really have a very small window from assimilating new information to turning it into experience. Chop-chop!

Once you’ve gathered enough experience, you’ll gain something far more precious…


Wisdom is the compilation of all your knowledge and experience. Wisdom is what comes from trying new things, failing at some, succeeding at others, and adapting along the way. Wisdom is your key to achieving any of your goals in life or in business.

Unless you’ve seen a certain method or strategy produce real-world results, all you have are ideas. And these can be dangerous on their own.

Knowledge Is Tricky

Here’s the number one reason people who consume knowledge for the sake of it never apply any of it – Knowledge acquisition feels like an achievement in itself.

We all know people who are habitual information consumers, moving from blog to blog to product to product, amassing a library of different tips, tricks and strategies. And yet, none of these people ever seem to achieve any success in the real world. knowledge is insidious in this way – it makes you feel good, and purchasing a new product or membership can feel like real progress. But it isn’t. you might think you’re one little step closer to losing weight because you read that fat loss article. But are you really?

Action, Above Everything Else

Here’s the thing – If you don’t learn how to drive, it won’t matter how many reviews you looked at before deciding which car to buy.

Decide today to prioritize action above anything else. Whenever you acquire a new piece of knowledge, apply it immediately. Learned how to increase opt-ins on your blog? Great, go do that now. Learned how to present yourself to a potential client? Great. Go out and meet a prospect this week.

If you’re statistically inclined, think of it like this – 85% action, 15% learning.

If you haven’t gotten the results you want in your life and your business yet, it is because you don’t know. Yes, you, with all your knowledge. You. Don’t. Know.

Stop falling into the information trap. Go out and apply what you’ve already learned before moving on to the next goal.

  • If you don’t know which market you should get into, sit down and research that.
  • If you know which market to target but don’t know how, sit down and research how you can make a product or service that will sell.
  • If you have the product but it isn’t selling, sit down and learn how to sell a product.

At all points, concentrate only on getting enough information to let you take the next step. No more, no less.

One of the more important actions you can take for your business is to reduce the amount of busy work you need to do. We all have tasks – client emails, invoices, payment reminders, workflows, follow-ups that take up way too much of our day. By automating these tasks with a system like Dubsado, you can free yourself to concentrate on the important stuff.

Like taking action...and living like a boss.

Becca Co-Founder of Dubsado Client Mangement System for Creatives