New Feature/Update: Workflow 2.0

We are thrilled for the launch of workflow just a few months ago, but today we launched a totally new and improved version of workflow.  We like to call this one WORKFLOW 2.0!  This truly puts Dubsado automation in full effect allowing you to sit back and let us do the work for you!

With this new workflow we have introduced the following features:

  1. Conditional Triggers
  2. Send contracts
  3. Send invoices
  4. Improved Workflow List

We will go into a little detail of each below...


This was probably the most requested thing from all of you, and we are happy it is here.  Now you can send an invoice as soon as the contract is signed OR send a thank you email as soon as the invoice is paid OR send a contract when they completed your questionnaire.  It is endless!!!!  


Go ahead and build your workflow.  Once you add the workflow to the job, then you are able to pick which contract you want and add it to the job with any adjustments you might need for that client.  Make sure it looks perfect so that when it is time for it to send all is correct.


Add it into the workflow and then apply that workflow to your job.  If you don't have an invoice already inputted for that job, we will remind you to do so.  That way all is ready when the time comes for workflow to send it off.  

The awesome thing about this new workflow is that it will remind you if you are missing something.  If you set it to send a contract 2 days after the client received a quote and you don't have a quote sent OR in the workflow...It will let you know! :) 

Setting up workflows might take you sometime.  And don't worry about that....This type of automation can save you SO much time in the long run.   Ultimately, it will keep you on track as well with your JOB progress.  :)  


We all love a good to-do list.  And when something on that list is crossed off, it is the best feeling.  #accomplishment  Well, so you can always feel awesome, Workflow now is simply laid out in an easy-to-see checklist form.  

***tip:  if you wanted to proof something before it sends off...JUST in case: create a workflow to-do reminder a day before that item is set off so you can make sure it looks good!  

Need some more help with WORKFLOW?  Sign up for our Webinar coming up on how to get all set up in Dubsado.  One of our biggest features we will be covering is workflow! :)

Happy Automating,