New Features: Streamlining How You Use Dubsado!

Oh boy are we excited for the features today! Our main goal with Dubsado is to make life easier. To save even a few minutes everyday is something worth celebrating. As parents and business owners, we very well understand the meaning to value every moment.  We are releasing 5 big things today.

  1. Revised Dashboard
  2. Smart Fields or Variables
  3. Email Pop-out
  4. Send to Multiple Emails
  5. The Dubsado Forever Plan

I don't want to leave you hangin' here so let's go into more detail...

Revised Dashboard

We are slowly moving the dashboard to be more of a "heads up" / task management hub.  We have some HUGE plans for the dash, but in the meantime, we freshened it up a bit and added more relevant info! 

Smart Fields / Variables / Autofill

Smart Fields2.gif

Whatever you call it, we LOVE IT.  This is probably our favorite feature yet.  Now on ANY form, contract, questionnaire, email... You can input variables where the system automatically fills in relevant information. This will dramatically cut down on you having to edit a template before sending to a client.  In the templates or canned emails, just insert these variables and things like invoice amount, job title, client name, etc...will all be autofilled for the appropriate job or client.  

Email Pop Out

I loved when Gmail released this feature since it seriously helped my multitasking.  With Dubsado's new email pop-out you can compose and email and have that up, all while switching through different items of Dubsado...Maximize it, minimize it.  You are no longer constrained to ONE window to edit and email in.

Multiple Emails

Multiple Emails1.gif

Now you are able to send an email to as MANY people as you want.  #awesome

The Forever Plan / Buyout Option 

We know how monthly / yearly fees are annoying sometimes, so we wanted to give you the option to just make a one time payment and be done with it already.  The forever plan is $600.  New features, updates, never have to pay us a dime again.  

If you are currently locked into a plan of another system for a year or more, by choosing The Dubsado Forever Plan, we will buy you out of that plan.  Whatever remainder time you have left, we will discount that time off your Dubsado Plan up to $200.  Read more here for all the amazing details!