NEW FEATURE: Proposals, Lead Improvements, and No Date Options

This is love.

We all know you love booking your clients as fast as you can.  That means getting them to pick their packages, sign the contract, and pay you quicker.  So we made this update extra sweet for you...

This Update Includes:

  • AUTOMATED PROPOSALS: Sending a prospective client a proposal allowing them to choose their packages, sign the contract, and pay you all in one simple process.
  • LEAD TO JOB AUTOMATION: Client completed your quote?  AWESOME.  Dubsado will automatically move them over to a booked job for you based on the parameters you set.
  • CUSTOMIZED LEAD PIPELINE/CATEGORIES: Sort your leads the way you need them to be, all by dragging and dropping into your customized categories.
  • PROSPECTIVE JOB DATES: Leads can now pick dates on your lead capture and it will show in your lead and calendar of that potential job day.
  • NO DATE OPTION FOR JOBS: Some of you guys don't need dates for jobs... well now if you don't have one, you don't need to put it.

Let's go into further detail -


Manually or automatically through lead capture workflows, send your prospective clients your packages.  Let them pick and choose which works best for them.  From there, you can have it auto-generate a contract and/or invoice for them to sign and/or pay.  This gets you booked FASTER.  A client can pick packages, sign and pay in a matter of minutes.  Want to expedite the process a little more?  Add an expiration date to the proposal letting your client know it won't last for long! 



Send the proposal to your lead. You set the rules.  Are they a job after they submit the proposal?  Are they a job after they signed the contract?  Are they a job when all that is completed and they paid the invoice?  Whatever it is, once completed, they will automatically move over to your jobs section in Dubsado! 


Now you can create a flow for your leads.  Move them around based on status.  Or categorize them based on what lead capture they fill out.  Or arrange your leads based on the type of service they are inquiring about.  The organizational possibilities are endless.


Either by you manually adding a date to a lead or by having the client select a potential date for booking on the lead capture they fill out, now in Dubsado they will automatically be put on your calendar as a LEAD.


You asked, we listened.  So many of you have jobs that aren't based on time or dates.  If you are one of those people, today is your lucky day.  Now you can create jobs without and dates and just archive when they are done! #booyah