NEW FEATURE: Multi Brand and Multi User Logins

To show our love today, we thought we would share something BIG with you.

Today we are launching multi-branding and multi-login accounts in Dubsado.  Our goal is to always help you keep your business organized no matter how big you are.  Now Dubsado can grow WITH your business.   

Have another business?  Multi Brand can help! 

No worries!  Toggling back and forth between your businesses is now as easy as a click of a button.  Set up a new brand but keep emails, signatures, and jobs in their correct brand account!   

You can try this new feature for up to 3 clients, and when ready just add on to your subscription for only $7/ month per brand.

Need a few more hands? Multi Login can help!

Have employees, accountants, or virtual assistants that need limited access to your account?  Totally possible.  Give them access to ONLY what they need to see and leave out the rest!

Grant access to others for only $7/person per month.  Stop access at anytime by cancelling their login permissions.

We know how hard you work and being able to expand your business is a huge accomplishment.  Hats off to you and your business(es) for ROCKIN' it and being so awesome.  We look forward to growing with you. 

Happy Valentine's Day,

Jake, Becca and the Dubsado Team!