How to: Embed a Lead Capture Form

Lead capture forms are here!  Totally excited about this because of how simple it will make things for you.  I mean that is Dubsado's goal, right?  

Lead capture forms are "contact forms" you embed on your website.  Just like your usual contact form, but just replace your old one with your Dubsado one and whenever a potential client fills it out...BAM... they are automatically put into Dubsado as a lead for you!  

Another new leads feature is being able to apply LEAD workflows.  This would be a tailor made workflow just for leads.  

We created a tutorial below for you. What we LOVE about lead capture forms is how easy they are to build.   It is drag and drop just like your form builders are and they fit in perfect with your website with easy to embed code!  

I have come to learn that tutorials are the HARDEST thing to film.  Do you know how many takes this took?  Anyways, if I missed anything, don't hesitate to shoot us an email! :)