How to: Use Smart Fields / Autofill

Smart Fields or Autofill or Variables are all good words for putting an "action" in any form or email and having it autofill to the correct info pertaining to the particular job or client.  

For example, say you have your canned emails but instead of going in and personalizing them each time, just tell the program to put the "clients name" or "date of job", etc... and upon sending it will autofill in that information so that it looks like you took such time to personalize this!

Here is a list of things that can be autofilled for you:

Job Title
Job Start Date & Time
Job End Date & Time
Client's Full Name
Client's First Name
Client's Last Name
Alternate Contact First Name
Alternate Contact Last Name
Client's Phone
Client's Company Name
Client's Address
Client's Shipping Address
Invoice Total
Invoice Remainder
Invoice Amount Paid
Link to Invoice
Link to Contract
Link to Portal
Portal Password
Your Full Name
Your First Name
Your Last Name
Your Phone
Your Logo
Your Business Name
Your Business Address

All these amazing variables can be applied to emails, canned emails, forms, contracts, and in any email or form you send in workflow.  

Using them is simple.  In the email or form you are in, the text box will show something similar to this: 

JOB, CLIENT, INVOICE, LINKS, and BUSINESS INFO are the categories of different variable options.  Just put them in your email or form and you are set.  

The variables will look something like this: {{client.firstName}}.  Don't be alarmed.  That info will autofill when you send it to your client.  

If you are working in an email in a specific job or to the client direct in Dubsado, by clicking the variable options, it will translate and autofill all info right before your eyes.

When adding the variables, make sure that you actually do have that info in the system.  If you added a variable for the client phone number, but you don't have one in Dubsado, it will show up in the email to them as blank.

Happy Dubsado-ing!

Becca & Jake