Keep Client Interaction Fun With These 3 Steps

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The creative entrepreneur puts in countless hours to make their product or service as excellent as possible. We perfect our trades, tweak our forms, implement powerful systems and do everything we can to make sure our clients know we're on our game. It's important we have all those aspects of our business down, but what happens if when it comes time to talk to your clients, they don't feel a connection? Something your clients are also going to look for, is how you interact with them on a personal level. 

Business today is all about creating an experience for your clients! Your service may be top notch, but being able to make your clients feel like they interact with you in a genuine way, will take your business to a whole new level! To help you out, we put together a couple of tips we use every day at Dubsado! 


Always use a name

This is a super easy one to start with, but still so impactful. It seems so surface level, but speaking from personal experience, sometimes it feels uncomfortable! Here’s a challenge for you: the next time you’re at Starbucks, or Target, thank your barista or cashier by name. If Ashley finishes ringing up your latte, try “thank you Ashley!” When Jim finishes bagging up your items at the check-lane, give him a “thank you so much, Jim!”

Similarly, when you’re interacting with your clients over the phone, via email or through conversation/chat mode, don’t miss an opportunity to use a client’s name! It’s an easy way to get your relationship off to a good start and one they’ll absolutely be refreshed by!



Never be short

A pretty good writer named Shakespeare once said “brevity is the soul of wit.” While I fully endorse this opinion in a variety of contexts, Client Interaction is not one of them.

A lot of times, our conversations with client’s are really great! We love working with people who value our talents and the personality that makes our brand what it is! In reality, we’re also going to deal with a lot of clients who are not so great. When things are going easy, it’s no problem keeping the fun going and having enjoyable conversation with our clients! That’s good and something we definitely should be practicing when our client’s make it easy! It’s when they don’t make it so easy, that it’s all the more important.

Resist the urge to be short with someone who has made things a bit more difficult than you would like. Even more so when they’ve been straight up rude. We all know how hard this can be, but trust me when I say the right response to a difficult conversation could be the thing that makes a lifelong customer out of someone.

Maybe they were having a bad day, and this particular conversation isn’t reflective of how they interact 99% of the time. Choosing to invest in taking a conversation an extra step, might be all they needed to snap out of it! The best we can do is try with every opportunity we’re given. That care will come back to you, we promise.



Let your personality shine through

You’re a business owner. You’ve worked very hard to cultivate a professional, reliable and responsible reputation with your clients and community. That’s really important and what clients will share about their experience working with you!

Also GIFs. They’ll talk about the GIFs.

It’s 2017 and business is so much more than a stuffy affair. It’s engaging. It’s authentic. It’s relatable, and it should be fun!

One of our favorite parts of interacting with clients at Dubsado, is when the perfect opportunity to drop a GIF or Emoji presents itself. This has become a phenomenon in our FB community, with even our users joining the GIF train to celebrate the little victories we share. Made a little mistake? Left in a typo? Keep it fun with an embarrassing GIF and just make it part of the experience!

This also happens in our more “official” email interactions with clients! People don’t usually expect their email correspondence with a tech company to include a bunch of GIFs sent over from the other side. It’s refreshing and humanizing, which is always a good thing.

Embrace your personality in conversing with your customers, when appropriate. Trust us. You’ll feel like a whole new "creativepreneur."



There are so many ways to create memorable, fun interactions with your clients. Thanks to technology making communication easy, it’s so simple to keep interacting with even the most difficult clients, less painful. With attitudes about what it means to be an entrepreneur favoring community and relatability more than ever, you can feel safe letting your personality and quirks, shine through! And if you’re using Dubsado to automate your business, you’re gonna look like a pro no matter what you do! So go out there and have some fun!